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Gas Pool Heaters – Pool Heating Benefits

lakeland fl gas pool heaters Gas pool heaters are common accessories for our Pool Works customers in Lakeland FL, and Polk County. In Florida, summer isn’t the end of the swim season.

Pool Works provides comprehensive pool services and all of the supplies and accessories needed for pool owners in Lakeland FL, and throughout Polk County. We carry RayPak gas pool heaters, and they equip homeowners to enjoy their pool year-around. Gas pool heaters can be fueled by natural or propane gas. RayPak is a top manufacturer, and our technicians have training and experience needed for installation and maintenance.

Benefits of a heated pool

In summer, a pool is great for a refreshing cooldown. When the weather gets a bit cooler, a gas pool heater makes it possible to continue swimming comfortably. A pool should be enjoyed, and a pool heater makes that possible in any season. Many of our Lakeland FL customers rely on their pool as a source of exercise, and a heater allows for uninterrupted swim routines from one season to the next. Hot tubs and Jacuzzis provide different benefits, with temperatures at almost 100 degrees. Among the elderly, hot water can exacerbate cardiovascular issues.

A warm swimming pool is often a much healthier option. The following is more information about the benefits of a heated swimming pool:

  • For thousands of years, warm water has been recognized as a luxury. Resort spas provide beautiful settings in which to soak in warm water.
  • Heated pool water soothes and provides relief for a variety of ailments, including arthritis and spinal and back injuries.
  • Warm water is very relaxing for the muscles and helps to increase freedom of movement.
  • Swimming is an excellent form of exercise that gives the entire body a nice workout. With a reliable pool heater, exercise swim routines make sense in every season.
  • If the water you swim in is cold in Lakeland FL, it could be harmful, causing muscles to tear or tighten, if you become overly exhausted.
  • Swimming in warm water is an excellent form of rehabilitation for a wide range of injuries and health conditions.
  • The mind can relax in a warm, pristine swimming pool. Focusing on strokes and breathing helps to clear and calm the mind.

Raypak Gas Pool Heaters

At Pool Works, we are proud to carry RayPak gas pool heaters. They are reliable and perform efficiently all year around. With a gas pool heater, you can continue to swim in comfort after summer is gone. Whenever the weather turns chilly, you will still have the option of enjoying a swim in your clean, warm pool. When you trust Pool Works technicians for ongoing pool cleaning and maintenance, your pool will stay in top condition.

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Pool Works offers affordable pool care and quality accessories, including RayPak gas pool heaters. Contact us today for pool heater installation and all of your needs related to pools and spas in Lakeland FL, and Polk County.

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