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4 Ways to be an Earth Friendly Pool Owner

bartow fl pool pump installation expertsEveryone is aware of the need to opt for environmentally friendly options today, and this is a sentiment shared by pool owners everywhere. When making decisions regarding pool equipment and supplies, there are numerous earth-friendly options to choose from. The following are some of the top ways to go green as a pool owner.

1 – Switch to a heat pump pool heater

With a heat pump pool heater, you can go green while enjoying your swimming pool all year around. The cost of heating your pool can be expensive with a gas heater, often doubling energy spending. A heat pump pool heater is efficient, environmentally friendly, and has greater durability and lower annual operating costs than gas pool heaters.

Heat pumps don’t generate heat. They capture heat and circulate it from one place to another. In short, various other steps complete the process that heats the pool, and then it all starts over again. As long as temperatures are above 45ºF, the heat pump pool heater is the best choice for heating pools, among owners desiring to protect the planet and save money at the same time. A proper sizing analysis should be performed by a trained pool professional, so that you can get the heat pump pool heater that is the correct size for your pool.

2 – Use a salt chlorine generator

Chlorine is needed for pools to be safe for swimming, since it keeps out algae and harmful bacteria. Salt chlorine generators provide a way to keep needed chlorine in the pool but without having to buy hazardous chemicals. Your earthy-friendly salt chlorine generator cuts down on the production, shipping, and handling of chlorine products. There are additional benefits, as well. Swimming in a salt water pool feels luxurious and makes your skin feel soft, and the harsh effects of chemically treated water are eliminated.

3 – Switch to a variable-speed pool pump

For dramatic reductions in energy costs associated with a swimming pool, have a variable-speed pool pump installed. Replacing a single-speed pool pump with a variable-speed pool pump provides numerous benefits, in addition to enjoying a remarkable cut in utility expenses. Variable-speed pool pumps are:

·      Heavy-duty pieces of highly durable equipment.

·      Quiet.

·      Efficient.

·      Fully automated, when you purchase certain models.

·      Safer than other types of pumps. Variable-speed pool pumps detect when something has become stuck to the pool drain, and a safety vacuum release is initiated. It provides pool owners with tremendous peace of mind, knowing that swimmers won’t become trapped in the drain.

Generous rebates are offered in some areas, when a pool owner makes the environmentally friendly decision to have a variable-speed pool pump installed.

4 – Reduce pool evaporation

Water is arguably the earth’s most valuable commodity and water-conscious pool owners take steps to reduce pool water evaporation. Using a pool cover is the top strategy for conserving water. According to research, evaporation is reduced by 95% simply by covering your pool. There are many options available, and the cost also varies dramatically, depending on the type of cover you choose.

pool supply installation lakeland fl Kudos to earth-friendly pool owners

Having a pool is a wonderful luxury with abundant health benefits. The best way to enjoy a pool is with professional pool cleaning and maintenance and earth-friendly equipment.

Contact Pool Works today for more information on green pool products and equipment.

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