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4 Ways to Clear Up Cloudy Pool Water

professional lakeland fl pool cleaningDoes your swimming pool sometimes look like a pristine oasis one day and a cloudy mess the next? If so, no need to panic or become frustrated. It is actually common for pool water to become cloudy. There are a range of reasons that this unwelcome event occurs, and the fix is often a fairly easy one.  

Why is my Pool Water Cloudy?

One thing that’s not always simple is pinpointing the reason pool water loses its sparkle and becomes hazy or cloudy. A time saver is to contact your professional pool technician, since experts have training and know what to look for. The following are some of the many possible reasons your pool water isn’t clear, inviting, and safe for swimming:

·      The level of chlorine in the pool may be inadequate to provide proper sanitization.

·      The pool filtration system may not be running long enough, or the filter may be clogged.

·      In areas with “hard water,” it can be tricky to shock your pool without causing the water to cloud from high levels of calcium.

·      If the chemical levels in the pool are tested and appear to be in range, the cloudy pool may be caused by fine debris suspended in the pool water.

·      A number of environmental factors can cause your pool water to become cloudy. Some of those factors include run-off water, pollen, leaves, dust, insects, and animals.

·      There has been an increase in the number of swimmers, which has caused a need for additional free chlorine in the water.

How do I Fix my Cloudy Pool Water?

What is needed to fix your cloudy pool water depends upon the cause, of course. If the pump filter is clogged, it needs to be cleaned. Run the pump more frequently, if it’s not getting the job done. Sometimes it’s impossible to protect your pool from elements that cause the water to turn hazy. That’s just a natural part of having a pool. Depending on exactly the situation, the following are some of the ways to fix cloudy pool water:

1.    Shocking a pool involves putting a certain amount of shock treatment into your pool, depending on its size. Pool shock can turn a downright swampy looking pool into a clear pool within a handful of days. Other steps are involved, such as vacuuming and brushing the pool.

2.    Pool clarifiers can be added to pool water on a weekly basis so that tiny particles that could turn your pool water cloudy are brought together with larger particles. As a result, there is a much greater chance for the pool filter to capture them.

3.    For a quick fix, you can use pool flocculant or pool floc. This type of product can clear up your swimming pool overnight. The way it works is that the pool floc sends clouding particles to the floor of your pool, and they need to be manually vacuumed.

4.    Another approach to fixing a cloudy pool is to use your filter system and bottoms drains. Stir the water up constantly either with swimming or a pool brush. Then the filter pulls the water from the bottom, where the cloudy particles are, and circulates the clean water to the top. If there are no bottoms drains, you can use a manual vacuum cleaner instead.

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