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Stonescape® Resurfacing Finishes

pool resurfacing and remodeling in lakeland flOur Stonescape® designs will add a touch of class to your pool resurfacing. Stonescapes® is a natural blend of exquisitely colorful stones in varying shapes and sizes sealed in a shiny translucent varnish that helps to protect the plaster when resurfacing your pool.

Choose from carefully crafted designer collections like Mini Pebbles, Regular Pebbles, Puerto Rico Blend, and Touch of Glass. And since no two stones are exactly alike, Stonescape® resurfacing finishes will elevate any poolscape into a unique luxurious oasis.

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Mini Pebbles

Mini pebbles are a unique blend of colorful stones encapsulated in a smooth finish that brings an interesting visual element and texture to your swimming pool. An array of colorful Stonescape® mini pebbles combinations, including salt and pepper, sand, aqua, and Caribbean, to name a few, will create a unique poolscape.

Puerto Rico Blend

The Puerto Rico Blend by Stonescape® will give your pool the feeling of swimming in the shimmering ocean. When you mix an assortment of these iridescent glass beads, it creates an exciting illusion of tiny colorful stones dancing along the surface of the pool. Aqua White and Midnight Blue are some of the many different color finishing combinations you can choose in the Puerto Rico Blend that will transform your poolscape into an island paradise.

Regular Pebbles

Like Stonescape® Mini Pebbles, Regular Pebbles are a colorful assortment of larger natural stones that give the impression of walking on the ocean floor. The regular pebbles shimmer in the crystal-clear water for a truly unique poolscape. Give your pool a beachy vibe with Aqua Cool, Sand, White, Salt and Pepper, and other colorful blends.

Touch of Glass

The Stonescape® Touch of Glass will add a classy dimension to your swimming pool renovation. The combination of colorful glass beads and natural stones adds depth and texture like no other pool surface. With fantastic color blends including Black, French Gray, and Tahoe Blue, you can create an immersive design that is all your own.

Add natural beauty and style to your pool renovation with our collection of Stonescape® plaster finishes. Contact us for a free pool renovation or remodeling design consultation today!

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