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Pool Service In Sebring FL

Family-owned Pool Works is the Sebring pool service trusted most for a pristine, ever-welcoming swimming pool. Serving the area since the 1980s, we’ve been around the longest and have carried on a tradition of excellence for three generations.

The Most Dependable Way To Keep Your Swimming Pool Healthy And Safe

It is crucial to have regular pool cleaning in Sebring because keeping swimming pools safe and healthy is an ongoing battle. Bacteria, grime, and algae flourish and grow quickly in a pool environment that lacks routine cleaning. The delicate chemical balance of your swimming pool can be disturbed by heavy rainfall and extreme use. To play catch-up on keeping a pool clean, more chlorine than usual may need to be added, which can be uncomfortable for swimmers.

pool cleaning in sebring fl

Regular pool cleaning should only be entrusted to certified, licensed, fully-insured pool professionals like the expert technicians at Pool Works.

We Love Cleaning Pools In Sebring FL

While we are thoroughly cleaning and scrubbing to prevent cloudiness in your swimming pool caused by bacteria, rust, and algae growth, knowing our customers will find their pool more inviting than ever is our biggest motivation. With our expertise, we provide Sebring pool service that includes the ideal PH balance and a comfortable, safe, and healthy swimming experience that everyone can enjoy.

An added benefit of regular pool cleaning and professional services is that the pool pump and other pool equipment will have an extended lifespan. We prevent your pool filter from becoming clogged with debris such as leaves and mulch and we watch for signs of any kind of problem that may arise with the various pool components. You can depend on enjoying the best Sebring pool service from Pool Works.

We deliver all aspects of regular pool service

Because we specialize in ensuring that our customers have sparkling clean swimming pools, we have become the most trusted pool cleaning service in Sebring and throughout the area. The pool services we provide are comprehensive and include repair, pool maintenance, and remodeling. To stay on top of delivering the cleanest pools with our regular cleaning services, our technicians at Pool Works are fully trained. All technicians receive factory training on major pool products as well as continuing education.

pool service in Sebring FLOnce you sign up for regular pool cleaning, we will send the same professional Pool Works swimming pool technician to your home to provide the following weekly and biweekly services:

  • The water is tested and chemicals are added, as needed
  • The pool walls, tile line, and steps, etc., are scrubbed with a brush
  • The water is skimmed to remove debris
  • Pool equipment is checked
  • The pool is thoroughly vacuumed
  • The proper pool level is maintained
  • O rings are lubricated, as needed
  • The filter is cleaned, as needed

Why Proper Pool Cleaning is Important

If pool cleaning is neglected or is done improperly, the pool environment could become dangerous plus unnecessarily costly issues can arise. Keeping out harmful bacteria and algae is an ongoing struggle that is labor-intensive and can become complex. The easiest way to ensure proper pool maintenance is to leave the job of pool cleaning and pool maintenance in Sebring to our highly trained Pool Works technicians.

An example of the time-consuming nature of swimming pool upkeep is the manual brushing that is needed weekly--behind ladders, in the corners, in crevices, and on pool stairs. The chemical balance in the pool is crucial, as well, and getting it right is rarely easy for laypersons who lack the training of pool maintenance professionals.
At Pool Works, we love cleaning your pool as much as we love knowing that you don't have to get bogged down in the minutia of swimming pool maintenance. Contact us today to get your Sebring pool cleaning service started. No matter the current condition of your pool, you can expect more than just clean. We deliver Sparkling Clean!

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