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Pool Services In Lakeland, FL

pool vacuum cleaning in winter haven flSince 1984, Pool Works has been providing residents of Lakeland with expert pool services. We are Licensed, Certified, and members of the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA).

The sunshine in Florida provides the perfect setting to enjoy refreshing pool activities. You want your pool to be sparkling clean and free of harmful bacteria. Ongoing maintenance is necessary, since algae are always making their way into every kind of water source, including pools. Other contaminates also make weekly service important, to prevent algae from flourishing and to keep pool equipment operating in top condition.

Weekly Pool Services

The best way to keep your pool in good condition for safe and healthy swimming is to rely on experts like the technicians at Pool Works. It’s easy to find a checklist for pool care, but keeping up with everything required to service a particular pool requires experience and ongoing diligence. Because our certified pool experts participate in continuing education, they are always aware of the latest best practices for unbeatable pool care. No contract is required, to sign on for weekly pool service. A technician will be assigned to your residence, and pool care will be performed on the same day each week. The important services performed include testing the water, checking the pool pump, skimmer, filter, and drains, and other maintenance steps, as required.


Weekly pool service in Lakeland from Pool Works includes vacuuming the pool. Our pool technicians use industrial strength water vacuums that give the entire pool a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning. Any debris or dirt that has dropped to the bottom is removed. Pool walls are vacuumed, as well.

Water Testing

The most important aspect of pool service is testing the water and ensuring a proper balance of chemicals. Water quality can be affected by rain, evaporation, humidity, and excessive pool use. Each week, our pool technicians collect a sample of pool water to test calcium, acidity, and alkalinity levels. Based on the results of the water test, the technician will add needed chemicals, such as chlorine, to establish the perfect balance of chemicals.

Clearing Debris

The pool pump is the most important component of the pool system. A pool isn’t safe for swimming, without a pump that operates properly. Pool Works technicians inspect the filter, skimmer, and drain, as part of the weekly service. Debris is cleared away so that it can’t clog the system and impede the pump’s operation. Our expert technicians are able to identify when there is a problem with a pump. If an issue is detected, repairs will be recommended. By handling small issues early, they are less likely to become costly problems. Weekly pool services from Pool Works helps homeowners save time and money while enjoying a sparkling clean pool.

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