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Tips for Winterizing Your Pool & Spa to Prevent Freeze Damage

Winter is quickly approaching, and it’s good to plan the steps you will take for winterizing your pool and spa to avoid freeze damage. Swimming pool equipment includes many intricate parts that are expensive to fix or replace. By winterizing your pool and protecting the pool equipment, you can avoid freeze damage and the associated costs.

Since hard freezes aren’t frequent in the Tampa FL area, you can mostly plan to keep your pump running like you normally do so the pool water won’t freeze. It is not recommended that you close your spa at all because it can be enjoyed throughout the winter season.

winterize your pool, lakeland flPrepare Your Florida Pool for Winter

The preparations for a swimming pool in northern states with frequent hard freezes are quite different as compared to prep in mild climates. The following are tips and details for winterizing your Florida pool:

  • Keep the pump running during cold weather with temperatures below freezing.
  • All throughout off-season periods, continue to maintain proper chemical balance and sanitation in your pool.
  • Install a winter cover or a safety cover.

Your Pool Pump in Winter

Prevent damage to your pump, filter, pipes, heater and other in-line equipment by keeping your pool pump running during freezing weather. Another option is to keep your pool and all pool parts completely drained of water during winter.

Balancing Pool Chemicals

Keeping chemicals balanced in your swimming pool water is among the most important things you do year-round. As the first freeze of the season is anticipated, prepare by checking the chemical balance in the pool. As needed, make chemical adjustments so that the pH remains balanced as much as possible.

Note that in winter weather, it is not necessary to add as much chlorine as what is needed during summer months. Maintaining the proper chemical level is always an important matter because doing so better protects the pool components and equipment. If the proper chemical balance is not maintained, the surface of the pool could be stained and calcium buildup could occur.

Keep Your Pool Covered

Installing a safety cover over your pool during winter can be a crucial priority because it protects toddlers and wildlife. Make sure that the cover is properly fitted. With the right pool cover, you can keep out dirt and debris while also preventing accidents.

Additional Steps for Pool Protection in Winter

winter haven FL pool serviceTaking various steps for winterizing your pool will make it easier when you are ready to open it back up for swimming. The following are a few additional steps for freeze protection of your pool:

  • When anticipating a major freeze, water lines should be insulated to prevent pipes from bursting. Pool noodles can be used and, in a pinch, towels and blankets can do the job.
  • To ensure that the pool water is flowing properly throughout the winter, clean your pool filter.
  • Be sure that gas heaters and electric heaters are kept away from the pool filter and the pool pump. Running a heater near this equipment could result in damage to the pool equipment and could also potentially cause a fire.

Contact Pool Works for help winterizing your pool or if you have any questions about winter pool maintenance. We’re here to help, and we specialize in maintaining sparkling clear pools.

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