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A Guide To Winter Florida Pool Maintenance

Here in Central Florida, we don’t get the bone-chilling winter weather and snowstorms common in other areas. Although you’re unlikely to see your neighbors riding a sled down the driveway or building a snowman on the lawn, Polk County, FL does experience cooler weather in the winter. Occasionally, temps can dip below freezing at night in some areas, which could damage your pool and pump without proper maintenance. So, whether you are enjoying a home with a pool for the first time or have recently relocated to the Lakeland-Winter Haven area from another state, use these handy tips as a guide to winter pool maintenance in Florida.

Professional Pool Cleaning Services in Lakeland FLKeep Your Pool Clean

First and foremost, keep your pool clean. Although you may feel more like curling up on the sofa with a nice cup of hot cocoa on a brisk morning, maintaining a clean pool in the winter is the key to reducing repairs and premature replacements. That means skimming the surface for leaves and debris, vacuuming the floor, emptying filter baskets, and cleaning the walls, steps, and, yes, the pool deck too.

Test the pH Balance Level

Maintaining the correct pH, alkaline, and acid balance are essential for maintaining a healthy pool. For example, bacteria and algae can grow without the proper chlorine-to-water ratio, making the pool unsafe for swimming at any time of year. Therefore, we recommend testing the pool water every week.

Watch for Algae Growth

Turning off the pool pump in the winter or if the pump is malfunctioning, poor circulation, or stagnant water can create conditions for algae growth and E. coli bacteria, turning the water into a green swamp. Not only is a green pool unsightly, but it is also hazardous to the health and safety of your family. It is also costly to remove the algae and restabilize the pool, so it is best to avoid it with proper winter Florida pool maintenance. Always repair or replace a damaged pool pump as soon as possible to maintain adequate water circulation in the Auburndale, Florida, winters.

Check the Pool Water Level

Although winter is typically the dry season in the Sunshine State, frequent and heavy rains occur due to our sub-tropical climate. Between the sun’s UV rays during the day and occasional rainy days, the water level in your pool can rise or fall. This can cause the pool to overflow, drop below the skimmer line, and destabilize the chemical balance. That’s why just like in the summer, it is essential to monitor the water level in the pool, adding or removing water as needed, so it is about halfway between the top and bottom of the skimmer.

Outdoor pool heater installation in Lakeland fl

Install a Pool Heater

Installing a pool heater is a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to enjoy swimming in your pool in the winter. Pool Works Pools & Spas also carries solar pool heaters that will use the sun’s energy to maintain your pool’s desired temperature all year.

Winter Pool Maintenance Service in Polk County, FL

Enjoy your swimming pool all year long without the hassle of winter maintenance! Ask about our 1-month free pool service! Call Pool Works Pools & Spas at (863) 967-2863 or contact us online to schedule service or get a free estimate. We proudly serve Winter Haven, Lakeland, and Polk County, FL, residents for over 30 years!

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