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Why Calculating the Amount of Water in your Swimming Pool is a Must!

It’s possible that knowing the amount of water in your pool is a much more critical matter than you realize. Costly problems occur anytime there is too much or too little water in your swimming pool. You can cut maintenance costs by operating your pool at the proper water level. The how-to and why of calculating your pool’s water volume also follows.

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What Exactly is the Correct Water Level?

It is not difficult to determine the correct water level in your swimming pool because your gauge is built right in. The pool skimmers will tell you whether your water level is good or not. The skimmers are the openings on the sides of underground pools. They are usually rectangular in shape, and skimmers are designed to pull in the top 1/8-inch of water. The skimmers not only indicate the status of your pool level but they also achieve a huge cleanings task, which is to remove contaminants from the pool’s surface. Things such as sunscreen, body oils, hair, and debris would dirty up your pool much more quickly if it weren’t for the work of the skimmers.

What Happens if the Pool Level is Wrong?

With too much water in your pool, the debris on top cannot get into the skimmers. This affects the pool chemistry and creates an unhealthy swimming environment.

The skimmers take in too much air when the pool’s water level is too low. This affects your pool system. Eventually, the pump motor will burn out if the pool level isn’t corrected. This is not a small thing since pump motors are costly items.

What Affects Pool Water Levels?

Certain weather conditions affect pool levels. Heavy rains add too much pool water. Hot spells increase the amount of water evaporation. Pool participation is also a factor. The more people there are in the pool, the more splashing there is. Pool levels tend to drop surprisingly quickly when there is a big increase in activity.

Pool resurfacing in Winter Haven, FLHow to Calculate the Amount of Water in Your Swimming Pool

In addition to skimmers that provide a clue as to a pool’s water level, you also need to know the actual calculations that determine the amount of pool water needed. The shape and measurements of a pool determine the calculations.

Of course, you could do the math yourself. But, instead, you could simply use a pool volume calculator. You will enter the following information:

  • The pool shape, whether a rectangle, circle, or triangle;
  • The width, in feet;
  • The depth on the shallow end, in feet; and
  • The depth on the deep end, in feet.

Note: The depth should be measured to the correct water level rather than the wall height.

Why is It Important to Know the Pool Volume or Capacity?

You can add the correct chemical combination in your pool only if you know the pool’s volume, and that is why it’s important to know how to calculate how much water is in your pool.

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