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Top 5 Ways to Maintain Your Vinyl Pool Lining

pool funTaking a dip in your pool isn’t as relaxing if you know that your pool liner is failing. Vinyl pool liners are more affordable than concrete or fiberglass, but they also require more maintenance. Taking good care of your vinyl pool liner can extend its life for years. Small investments of your time can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs or the cost of a replacement.

Follow these five tips to keep your vinyl liner in good condition:

#1. Never drain your pool and keep your eye on the water level.

Draining your pool is risky whether you have a concrete or vinyl liner because it lowers the water pressure in your pool. When the water pressure is too low, pressure from outside can warp it.

Your vinyl liner can shrink or change shape when your pool is drained or has too little water. This is why you should never drain your pool. It is also smart to keep an eye on your pool’s water level especially during the dry season. Water in the shallow end should never be less than a foot deep. If it gets low, it’s time to add more water.

#2. Check the chemicals daily.

Testing your pool water chemicals is especially important when your pool has a vinyl liner. The lining can become stained if chlorine levels drop low enough for bacteria and algae to thrive. If chlorine levels are too high, the lining may wrinkle.

It is a good rule of thumb to test the water daily when your pool is open and at least once a week when it is closed. Keep in mind that chlorine and pH levels can change frequently. They are influenced by everything from sunlight, lawn debris, and dirt to oils and bacteria from swimmers’ bodies.

When you add chemicals to your pool, remember to add them in one at a time. Dissolving a couple of chemicals into the water at the same time can also stain the lining.

Clean the Water Line of Pool#3. Clean the pool regularly.

You can prevent your pool from getting that dirty bathtub look by cleaning it regularly. Running a sponge around the water line of the pool to remove dirt and grim will prevent an ugly line from forming. Vacuuming your pool regularly will also prevent your pool liner from becoming stained by dirt and debris. (Be sure that you use a vacuum that is safe for vinyl liners. Talk to your pool specialist if you need a recommendation). If you have noticed that a water line is developing, get vinyl wipes for your pool to get rid of it.

#4. Keep sharp objects out of the pool.

Sharp objects can pierce or tear vinyl pool liners. That’s why it is important to keep sharp objects out of the pool. If the liner is torn, pick up a repair kit or call on a pool professional to mend it so that water doesn’t get between the liner and the pool.

#5. Protect the liner from the sun.

The sun can quickly age a vinyl liner especially here in the Sunshine State of Florida. When you aren’t using your pool, keep it covered to protect it from the harsh rays.

Give our pool professionals at Pool Works a call if you need help caring for or repairing your vinyl pool liner!

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