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Telltale Signs It’s Time for a Pool Renovation

No pool lasts forever. Eliminate guesswork regarding what to do about your aging pool by watching for telltale signs that it’s time for a pool renovation. The need for a pool remodel arises for a variety of reasons. If one or more of the following situations hit close to home, it’s likely time to “take the plunge” and arrange for a pool renovation or remodel. Learn more about possible pool needs

swimming pool resurfacing, auburndale flIncreasing Need for Repairs

Similar to the way there comes a time when it is more cost-effective to replace an aging vehicle with a new one, pools eventually need to be renovated. For instance, leakage is always a problem that needs an immediate remedy. Otherwise, algae growth could become a continuous problem and result in poor swimming pool conditions. Cracks in the pool may provide evidence that it has a weakened structure, requiring the pool to be resurfaced. Most pools need to be resurfaced every 10-20 years.

Making more and more frequent repairs on outdated equipment is costly and eventually becomes more expensive than a major renovation that “stops the bleeding,” so to speak. A major pool renovation could mean simply replacing primary equipment or updating it with a remodel.


Safety Hazards

Safety is always an important consideration with pool ownership. Particularly if children frequently use the pool, you may want to schedule pool renovations to add modernized safety features. Adding an extended shallow end, updating the pool cover, installing a safety fence, and ensuring that surfaces are non-slip are all examples of up-to-date safety features.

The following are swimming pool deficiencies that are dangerous and may be indications that a pool remodel is needed for full enjoyment:

  • Problems with electrical wiring
  • The ladders and stairs need updating for safety purposes
  • Your pool has a diving board, the most dangerous pool feature
  • Pool slides are great risks because children can fall onto concrete

Energy Efficiency is Lacking

Getting a pool renovation can make more sense than you may realize. Modern pool equipment can provide long-term savings due to high levels of efficiency. For example, expenses associated with pool upkeep can be significantly reduced by adding LED lights, an energy-efficient pump, and a pool automation system that controls the cleaner and filter.

swimming pool renovation, winterhaven flOutdated Design

A common reason for scheduling a pool remodel for renovation is the loss of pleasure in its outdated appearance and design. If you find yourself losing interest in pool care because swimming no longer has the same appeal, it’s a good sign that it’s time for a pool renovation to spice up the pool area.

Updated Landscaping

If you are updating the landscaping in your backyard, it is the perfect opportunity to renovate your pool at the same time. Add new tiles, a water feature, and maybe a hot tub. Incorporate the landscaping to update a pool renovation to modern trends and designs. In addition to your increased enjoyment of the pool, you will increase the appeal to potential homebuyers in the future with a pool update.

Do you recognize any of the above signs that it’s time to get a pool reno? If so, contact Pool Works for help from the pros for a pool renovation.

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