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Tips for Saving Water in Your Swimming Pool

Swimming in your pool is undoubtedly one of the best parts of summer. If you are conscious of cost and environmental issues, though, summer is more enjoyable when you can do things to save your swimming pool water. Whether it sloshes out during pool playtime, evaporates, leaks out, or is lost through backwash loss, the good news is that there is something you can do about it. Check out the following tips for saving water in your swimming pool.

Pool Supplies At Pool Woks In Lakeland, FLMinimize Evaporation

The biggest cause of water loss is evaporation. Every warm-weather day can mean another quarter of an inch of water is lost. Keeping your pool water as cool as you can stand it can slow that process down.

The wind is another culprit that contributes to water loss. If you don’t have hedges around your pool, consider planting some or perhaps build a nearby fence to block the wind.

Using a pool cover is a very effective way to reduce the evaporation of pool water. Solar pool covers and liquid solar blankets are recommended to help stop water loss.



You can also prevent unnecessary pool water evaporation by turning off water features when not in use. A rock waterfall may be a spectacular sight, but the trickling water can lead to quicker and more significant water loss.

Repair Water Leaks

If you have a quality pool maintenance service, such as trusted pool care services from Pool Works in and around Lakeland FL, your pool specialist can help you identify signs of a water leak. It’s not always obvious that there is a pool leak since other things cause water loss daily.

If your daily water loss exceeds 1/4” per day, it’s very possible the pool has a leak. It can cost you literally thousands of gallons of water weekly if there is so much as a minor drip on a piece of equipment. Places where leaks may occur include vinyl linings, cracks in concrete, and in skimmers and returns.

Stop Backwash Loss

Hundreds of gallons of water can be lost each time a backwash occurs. A backwash involves a reversal of the flow of water inside filter tanks using DE filters and sand filters. The backwash occurs to get the dirt out and restore proper flow rates. Different strategies for reducing this type of water loss include using larger pool filters, using separation tanks, and using robot pool cleaners so that debris and dirt are removed before getting to the filter.

pool works pool services in Lakeland, FLMonitor Pet Swim Time

If you have a dog that loves to swim in your pool, you may be surprised to know that a lot of water loss can result from his activities. You may save pool water if your dog has to limit swim time, perhaps to hours when the family is home.

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