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How To Save Money on Pool Maintenance

pool equipment, lake wales flMaintaining a pool isn’t cheap. You don’t have to choose between a clean pool and pinching pennies. You can keep your pool sparkling and cut down on your maintenance costs. We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 ways to save money on pool maintenance.

#1. Stock Up During Sales Season. The best time to buy pool supplies is usually in the spring when pool stores run specials at the beginning of swimming season. Buy your pool chemicals in bulk while they are discounted.

#2. Keep It Balanced and Stable. Test your pool water once a week and keep it balanced. When you test your water, ensure the chlorine stabilizer level of cyanuric acid is between 10-50 parts per million (ppm). Water can quickly become murky if your water chemistry off. Getting rid of algae is more expensive than balancing your pool. It requires algaecide, extra shock treatments, and round the clock filtering. You can prevent these costs by keeping your water balanced and following tip

#3. Don’t Skip a Shock. Skipping weekly shock treatments might seem like an easy way to save money, but it can cost you more in the long run. Shocking your pool once a week during swimming season prevents bacteria and algae from growing out of control. This is especially important here in Florida, where algae thrive.

#4. Keep It Covered. Using a pool cover is a smart way to cut down on your pool costs. Your water utility bills will go down since you won’t have to top off the water in your pool as frequently. The cover will prevent water from evaporating when you aren’t using your pool. If you have a solar cover or solar pool blanket, you can save on heating costs. The solar cover will heat your pool for you.

#5. Care for the Cover. If you have a pool cover, use a pool cover pump and broom to keep it clean. Rainwater and debris can collect on the cover, especially during the winter when your pool is closed. The weight of this debris can destroy it. Replacing your pool cover every year is expensive. You can avoid this cost by using a pool cover pump to get rid of the rainwater and sweeping sticks, leaves, and other debris off the cover once a week.

#6. Invest in a Robotic Pool Cleaner. A robotic pool cleaner or pool vacuum is a smart investment. It will cut down on the time and money you put into cleaning your pool. An automatic pool cleaner doesn’t just vacuum up leaves and other debris; it filters the water. Since it uses less electricity than your pool filter, the energy cost of maintaining your pool will go down. You won’t have to clean leaves and debris out of your pool by hand.

#7. Create a Smart Pool Pump Plan. Running your pool pump continuously runs up your electricity bills. You can save money by investing in a variable speed pump or creating a smart pool pump plan. A variable speed pump is the most convenient and efficient option. It can reduce your energy costs by 90%. If you aren’t ready to invest in one, set up a pool pump schedule. A good rule to follow is to run your pump one hour for every 10 F. You can run the pump during off-peak hours to save pool supplies, lakeland fl

#8. Care for Your Pool Equipment and Toys. You can double the life of your pool equipment and toys by caring for them. Rinse them off after taking them out of the water and store them out of the sun.

We hope that these tips help you reduce your pool costs. If you want to learn more about how to care for your pool, browse our blog’s archive! If you don’t find the answer to your question, stop by our location and ask one of the experts at PoolWorks!

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