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Why and How to Start Up a Saltwater Swimming Pool

swimming pool cleaning in lakeland flMaking the choice to switch to the benefits of a saltwater pool is about as easy as the steps for how to start up a saltwater swimming pool. If you are tired of the harsh effects of chlorine on your skin, hair, and eyes, that may be reason enough to switch to saltwater. Below, learn more good reasons for switching to a saltwater pool and how to start up a saltwater swimming pool.

Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

Having a saltwater pool is like enjoying your own ocean water to swim in at home, sans the sharks. Maintenance is easier with saltwater pools, and you can do away with chlorine tablets. The following are more of the advantages and benefits of a saltwater pool:

  • Saltwater acts as a gentle exfoliating agent that benefits all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • The chemicals in chlorinated pools caused itchy hives and red, burning eyes. Saltwater pools are gentler on the eyes and the skin.
  • Research shows that many use saltwater therapy, which promotes restfulness and relaxation because of its calming and detoxifying effects.
  • Swimming in a saltwater pool has the same benefits as bath bombs and Epsom salt baths. Sore muscles and joints are eased and pain is reduced thanks to the benefits of saltwater.
  • You can better maintain the moisture balance in your skin if you swim in saltwater as opposed to a chlorinated swimming pool. Saltwater contains potassium and magnesium, which help balance oil production and support retention of hydration.

How to Start Up a Saltwater Swimming Poolsaltwater pool supplies, haines city fl

  • The following is a brief overview of the simple steps involved with switching to a saltwater swimming pool.
  • Turn on your pool’s filter system and add the appropriate amount of salt to the water according to the pool’s size. Handy tables are available to advise you of the correct amount of salt for your pool.
  • Continue running the pool filter system for 24 to 48 hours or until all of the added salt has dissolved.
  • Following the instructions of the manufacturer, turn on your saltwater chlorine generator.
  • Test the swimming pool water’s total alkalinity levels using test strips. Make adjustments as needed.
  • Use test strips to determine the pH level in the pool, and adjust it as necessary.
  • Add oxidizing pool shock to your pool water at a rate of 1 pound of powder for every 5,000 gal. of water. Tables are available to determine pool capacity.
  • At a rate of 1 pound per 5,000 gallons of pool water, add a chlorine stabilizer.
  • Use test strips to monitor chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels every week. Using the control panel on your saltwater generator, you can adjust chlorine output as necessary.

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