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Bubbles In Your Pool?

It’s summer, and in Lakeland, that means you’re using your pool a lot to beat the heat, so you may have noticed a few things about your pool. Is one of the things you noticed excessive bubbles in your pool?

Pool Filtration Service Winter Haven. FL

It could be nothing, but if you have a cluster of bubbles coming from the pool jets, it could be a sign of a more significant problem. It could be an issue with the filtration system.

Your Pool’s Filtration System

So, just how does a pool filtration system work? It begins with the skimmer on the side of your pool. It’s called the skimmer because it pulls water down into the system, and as it does, leaves, bugs, and other particles are trapped in a basket known as a strainer as the water skims through. Your main drain on the bottom of the pool also pulls water through. Next, the pump pushes the water down the line to the filter, which will most likely contain either a sand cartridge or a Diatomaceous earth filter. As the water passes through the filter, it removes smaller particles of dirt and debris the skimmer could not catch. The water then continues through the pipes until it reaches the heater and the water is then pushed back into the pool by the pool (or return) jets.

Why Are Bubbles Coming from My Pool Jets?

There are many reasons you see bubbles coming from your pool jets, and not all of them spell disaster. The thing that all the possibilities have in common is that your pool is pulling in too much air. Here are some of the issues your pool may have if you see excessive bubbles.

Water Below the Skimmer Line

Water below the skimmer line often happens after someone has backwashed their pool for too long or kids have splashed excessive amounts of water out of the pool. All it means is that your skimmer is sucking in too much air. It’s an easy fix; simply add water to the pool, and your problem is gone.

Skimmer Weir Blockage

A weir is a barrier that water flows over to get into your skimmer, and if something like a kids pool toy or a ball gets in front of it, then the flow of water going in will be restricted, causing more air and more bubbles.

Pool Cleaning Lake Wales, FLA Loose Connection Between a Valve and Your Pools Pump

A union is an area where the main drain and skimmer valves connect with your pool’s pump. A loose connection isn’t good, but it’s not catastrophic either. It’s best to let a pool professional like Poolworks take care of the problem rather than damage your pump. Let Pool Works take care of your filtration system and all of your pool maintenance needs.  Whether it’s a cleaning or a complete remodel our knowledgeable techs can handle what your pool needs.

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