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How to Remove Sediment, Fine Dust, and Sand from a Pool

removing dust from pools in lakeland fl

Fine dust is actually common in a pool. It can be carried in via the wind or on the bottom of swimmers’ feet. Fine particles of dust can’t be removed with a skimmer. That particular tool works best for insects, leaves, and other larger debris. Fine matter typically drifts to the bottom of the pool and a layer of sediment can eventually form. Basic pool equipment is all designed to deal with this problem, and much can be done before the particles hit bottom.

Filter and Pump

When particles are suspended and floating in the water, the combination of the filter and pump can get rid of them. The pump, which usually runs about 8 hours per day, keeps the water circulating through a filter, which removes the fine particles from the pool. It’s normal for pool filters to be filled with sand and diatomaceous earth. The filter-pump combination is not effective, however, at cleaning up the sediment that gathers on the pool floor.


The above-referenced pool filter can become clogged, which makes it much less effective at removing fine particles. The basket needs to be emptied and rinsed out routinely. After this has been done, it’s important to set the filter on “backwash” and turn on the pool pump. This flushes debris out of the filter and sends it into the waste pipe. Next, after several minutes, switch the filter to “rinse.” Give it another few minutes and switch the filter to “closed.” The leaf trap near the pump should also be rinsed out and cleaned. Once that has been replaced, the filter can be switched once again to the “filter” setting.

Sweep the Walls

There’s a final step that will finally get rid of the sediment at the bottom of a pool and it is in the next section, but first go ahead and sweep the walls. This way, the debris that has collected on the walls can be added to the sediment on the pool floor that needs to be cleaned up.

Removing Sediment from the Pool Floor

keeping pools clean in lakeland fl Whether you have mud, sand, or a buildup of fine particles on your pool floor, the step that removes it is vacuuming with a “waste” setting. If there has been a serious invasion of excess dirt and debris, you may also need to shock your pool. Vacuuming is recognized as the only way to remove sediment from the bottom of a pool.

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