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How to Prepare Your Inground Pool for a Major Storm

prepare your pool for storms in lakeland flFlash rains, thunderstorms and hurricanes are common here in Florida. When you know that a big storm is brewing, it’s a good idea to prepare your pool before the high winds and hard rain hit. Prepping your pool for bad weather can make cleanup easier and prevent expensive damage to your pool and pool equipment.

There are 5 things that you should do before a storm to prepare your pool:

#1 : Take Care of Free Standing Objects Around the Pool

Lounge chairs, tables, umbrellas, pool toys and any other items around the pool should be taken inside or tied down. High winds can easily pick up these free standing objects. They could be carried away by the wind or thrown against your house, pool, or other nearby objects causing damage to both.

Do NOT try to store these items inside your pool. They can damage the pool lining when the water becomes turbulent.

#2 : Turn Off the Power to Pool Equipment

Shut off power to the pool’s motor, filter, pump, chlorinator and control system. If you have a pool heater or lighting in the pool, you should shut off power to them too. Taking this step is important to prevent electrical damage to your equipment. You may also want to take this equipment inside to protect it.

#3 : Remove the Pool Cover

It might seem counterintuitive to remove your pool cover too but it is a good idea. High storm winds can be powerful enough to destroy a pool cover. If it does manage to stay in place and intact, it can make cleaning your pool more challenging. It’s easier to remove debris and sanitize a pool than to try to remove large amounts of water and debris from on top of a pool cover.

#4 : Keep the Water in Your Pool & Treat It

You might think that draining the water out of your pool would be a good idea but it could actually cause serious damage. If your pool is empty, it could pop out of the ground during the storm when the water table around your pool rises from the rain fall. Instead, leave the water in your pool but shock treat it or balance it and add an algaecide. Treating the water beforehand and adding an algaecide will help it to combat the dirt, debris and other contaminates that will inevitably get into the water during the storm. This will make cleaning your pool afterward much easier.

#5 : Trim Trees Around the Pool

If you have enough time, trim back or remove tree branches that are close to the pool area. Fallen tree branches and limbs can seriously damage your pool and cause injuries. Removing them before the storm hits is the best way to prevent the risk.

After Storm Pool Maintenance

#1 : Remove Debris from the Pool

Branches, leaves and any other debris in the pool should be removed as soon as possible. All of these things are contaminates. The longer they stay in the water, the harder it will be to balance your pool. Some could also discolor the water or liner. If you have an electric pool cleaner, you should turn it on and let it do its work cleaning the walls, floors and steps. If not, use a skimmer to remove smaller contaminates like bugs and dirt.

#2 : Inspect Pool Equipment & Turn On

Any pool equipment that has gotten wet should be left off for at least 24 hours so that it can dry out. Then, you should inspect the equipment for any signs of damage. If it looks damaged, you should contact a pool professional to inspect and repair it. If it looks like it is undamaged, you should turn on the pump and filter to start cleaning the water.

winter haven fl pool maintenance and pool service#3 : Balance the Water Chemistry

Check the pool water’s chemical levels and balance the water. Before you get into the pool for a swim, the water needs to be balanced. If it is foggy or discolored, you should wait until it looks clear again.

Following these steps before and after a storm is the best way to keep your pool in good condition. If you’d like to know more about pool maintenance, check out our other blog posts or give us a call! We are happy to answer all of your pool questions.

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