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Which Pool Supplies Do You Need When You Buy a Pool?

Congratulations on your new swimming pool! There are certain pool supplies all pool owners need for proper pool care. Even if you plan to use the trusted services of Pool Works in Auburndale, Florida, for a pristine pool year-round, the following are pool supplies you need when you buy a pool.

shock for pool, auburndale flShock

Shock is important to have handy for your pool. Chlorine is used daily, and that will kill most bacteria. Shock super chlorinates pools, killing off the remaining bacteria when a pool has begun to look cloudy. Shock is needed with greater frequency when there is heavy pool use and when there has been
a severe rainstorm.


A flat net attached to a long pole; a skimmer is essential for every pool. A skimmer may be needed every time you swim, to remove leaves, bugs, and anything else floating at the top of the water. The skimmer also comes in handy for reaching items dropped to the pool floor.

Test Strips

Certain chemicals are needed to create just the right balance in your swimming pool. Test strips will let you know what chemicals need to be added. Your pool should be tested every week so that you can be sure to keep the water clean and free of bacteria. One of the clues that it’s time to use a test strip is if your pool smells like chemicals or a backwoods pond.

Pool Brush

Maintaining a clean pool involves a continuous battle against the growth of algae and bacteria, and a pool brush is among your easy-to-use pool “weapons.” Be sure to buy a pool brush made specifically for your type of pool. There are brushes for plaster, vinyl-lined, gunite, and concrete pools. The important function of the pool brush is to help get rid of algae buildup. The way it works is that you will treat the pool with an algaecide and then brush off the dead algae from the sides of the pool. The last step is that the dead algae are vacuumed up.

Manual Vacuum

For keeping a clean swimming pool, a manual vacuum is a must. The vacuum heads are designed to easily reach the corners. Pool vacuums handle overall cleaning and perform spot cleaning.

pool cover, lakeland flPool Cover(s)

Pool covers can make your life easier and help to reduce the cost of having a pool. Winter covers provide pool protection and help to prevent accidents. Leaf covers are important if there are trees in the vicinity. A solar blanket fits over your pool water and prevents water evaporation. The pool temperature can be raised by up to 15ºF with a solar blanket, which can extend your swimming season quite a bit in fall and winter.

Storage Area

It is important to have a storage area for your swimming pool because you will be storing chemicals that should be kept dry and out of reach of little ones. You will save a lot of time over the weeks and years by ensuring that pool equipment storage is not far from the pool. For safety reasons, the pool equipment storage house should be kept locked.

Besides gathering needed supplies for your new pool, another great first step is to contact Pool Works. We will be happy to help you make a terrific start as a new pool owner, and our specialty is maintaining pools that are sparkling clean. Call Pool Works today at (863) 967-2863 to schedule an appointment.

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