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Pool Safety for your Pets

pet safety for poolsPool safety is as important for your pets as it is for children. Every year during pool season, approximately 5,000 family pets drown in swimming pools. No one wants this to happen to their family. If you practice pet pool safety, you can avoid losing your furry friend in a pool accident.

Pets at Most Risk

Older pets with medical issues, especially blindness, and less athletic dogs and cats are most at risk. If they fall into the pool, they have less stamina to stay above water while they wait to be rescued and an impaired ability to exit the pool on their own.

Even young, athletic animals can drown if they fall into the pool unexpectedly and panic or cannot find the steps. When panic sets in, it clouds their ability to think and causes them to kick in panic which leads to exhaustion.

Any pet from a hamster to a dog can drown in a pool if they fall in when you are not looking.

Rules of Pet Pool Safety

  1. Always supervise animals when they are around the pool. You should keep a close eye on any animals that are around the pool to make sure they don’t accidentally fall in or jump in for a swim and get stuck.
  2. Take 5 minutes to train your pet on how to exit the pool and “come” on command. Teaching your pet, and any pet that comes to visit, how to find the steps and use them could save the pet’s life. Even if you have a cat who hates water, you should train them on how to exit the pool if they are an outdoor cat. It is also important to make sure your pet will get out when you call.
  3. Learn pet CPR. If your pet does fall into the pool, you could save their life by performing CPR. Every year, you should brush up on your training so that you are prepared if anything happens.
  4. Invest in life-saving pool safety products. You can’t be everywhere at once. If you have an outdoor cat that likes to wander or several animals that roam freely, you will not be able to watch them 24/7. There are many valuable products that can save their lives.

Recommended Pool Safety Products

There are many different pool safety products that can help you prevent your pet from drowning. These are five of the most beneficial safety products:

  1. Fencing

Installing a fence around your pool will prevent pets, wild animals, and children from wandering into the pool area and accidentally drowning when you aren’t looking.

  1. A Ramp

If your pool only has a step ladder instead of tiered steps, it is smart to invest in a ramp that is easier for animals to walk up. If you would like to prevent small wildlife, like frogs and mice, from drowning in your pool you can invest in a small ramp for them.

  1. A Safety Cover

A good safety cover can prevent any animals from falling into your pool when it isn’t being used.

  1. Pool Safety for Pets - Lakeland FLA Pool Alarm or Collar Alarm

Pool alarms go off if anything over 15 to 17 pounds falls into the pool. There are also collars available that will set off an alarm if they are submersed in water. Either of these alarms can be very helpful as long as you make sure to listen for the sound of the alarm.

  1. Pet Life Vest

All pets can tire out in water. If you want your dog or cat to join you in the pool, it is wise to invest in a pet life vest. Make sure that it fits snuggly.

At Pool Works, we carry a wide selection of pool supplies to help you protect your pet and wildlife from the risk of drowning. If you are concerned about pool pet safety, stop on by!

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