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How to Know When it’s Time for a Pool Resurface?

pool resurfacing in Lakeland, FLHave you noticed cracks in your pool’s plaster or unattractive discoloration? These are a couple of signs that your pool could use to be resurfaced. Resurfacing your pool when the plaster shows signs of wear & tear will help your pool last a lifetime. It’s also a great opportunity to transform your pool’s appearance. In-ground pools have a top layer of plaster, ¼ to ½ an inch thick, that covers the concrete base.


It creates a watertight seal that helps your pool last for decades. Without this protection, water will seep into the concrete creating the conditions for structural damage to the pool’s foundation.

Your pool’s plaster finish doesn’t just protect the foundation from damage. It also creates a beautiful, smooth surface that’s more comfortable and attractive than concrete. There are many different types of plaster finishes that you can choose for your pool such as StoneScapes® Aqua Cool or Caribbean Blue pebble finishes. The combination of white and blue pebbles in the Aqua Cool finish makes pool water sparkle like clear blue ocean water. The colorful combination of stones in the Caribbean Blue finish makes the pool’s surface look like an impressionist’s masterpiece. If you notice any of these four problems, it’s a sign that it’s time to have your pool resurfaced.

Rough Texture

The bottom and sides of your pool should feel smooth to the touch. Over time, pool chemicals can eat away at the plaster lining allowing you to feel the rough texture of concrete underneath. If the bottom or sides of your pool feel rough, your pool should be resurfaced to reseal the concrete.

Discolored Plaster

White streaks, spots of discoloration and faded coloring of the pool’s finishes are all forms of wear and tear. Hard water and chemical bleaching from the chlorine are usually the culprits. Resurfacing your pool is the best way to undo the damage. An acid wash can reduce minor stains from copper, calcium or salt but it is only a short-term fix. Working with a pool expert to choose a durable pool finish and balance your pool’s water will ensure you don’t face this problem again.

Pool resurfacing in Winter Haven, FLMinor Cracks

Thin, spiderweb-like cracks in the plaster happen naturally. These minor cracks in the plaster are created by the concrete underneath expanding and contracting as temperatures change. If there are enough to catch your attention and become an eyesore, it’s time to have your pool replastered. Replastering your pool will prevent these cracks from becoming a serious problem. The pool experts at PoolWorks can help you find a pool finish that will restore your pool’s beauty.

Major Cracks

Deep cracks in the plaster of your pool are a serious problem that should be fixed immediately. Structural cracks, in the plaster and concrete foundation, can cause a major leak and weaken your pool’s foundation. The sooner you address this problem, the more time and money you will save. If your pool has structural cracks, the foundation will need to be repaired before the pool can be resurfaced with plaster.

You don’t have to wait until one of these problems arises to resurface your pool. Resurfacing is one of the most popular ways to transform a pool’s appearance. A StoneScapes pebble stone finish upgrades any pool or hot tub. These versatile, durable finishes give the bottom and sides of the pool a natural textured finish. The color of the stones reflecting in the water can make your pool look like an exotic lagoon or sparkling ocean. Check out our gallery to see for yourself!

If you’d like to learn more about pool resurfacing or set an appointment to have your pool replastered, give us a call! We’ve been renovating pools throughout Polk County Florida for three generations. Our team of experts is passionate about helping pool owners transform their pool into an oasis.

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