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Is Pool Ownership the Right Choice for You?

quality pool care services near lake wales flAre you thinking about living the dream of having a swimming pool? On hot summer days, going for a swim is the life, especially compared to sitting inside and cranking up the air conditioning. There’s undeniable appeal to being able to step out into your own backyard and enjoy a refreshing oasis. Something about water has stress-relieving qualities, even if you don’t jump in. There are actually many benefits to having a pool. That fact does not mean, however, that pool ownership is for everyone. The following are some things it might be wise to consider, before becoming a pool owner.

Resale of a Home

If it’s important to you that your home has qualities that help with resell value, it’s best not to assume a swimming pool falls into that category. Due to safety concerns, for example, young parents are often very reluctant to have an in-ground pool. Fortunately, however, Florida is a state where a swimming pool is often considered an absolutely essential feature.

Maintenance Costs

When a swimming pool is well-maintained, the expense of pool ownership is said to be less than the cost of the average weekend getaway. Any family that eats out frequently can probably pay for a pool’s upkeep by eating a few more meals at home every month. Total cost between electrical costs each month, pool or spa heating, chemicals, and keeping up with ongoing repairs is approximately $200. If this can fit into your budget, you may be a perfect candidate for pool ownership.

Costly Repairs

Most pool owners can expect to have major repair expenses only every six or seven years, as long as they keep up with ongoing maintenance and minor repairs. A pool pump, for instance, may cost about $1,000. Every 20 to 30 years, a pool may need to be re-plastered, which is a cost of about $10,000 or more. By planning ahead and being aware of the lifespan of major pool parts, most homeowners can find ways to afford these large expenses.

Cutting Pool Energy Costs

Investing in an energy efficient pool pump can make a huge difference in electricity costs associated with owning a pool. If someone is paying something like $150 monthly or some other high amount on their pool energy expenses alone, it’s possible that they have a single-speed pool pump. The new variable-speed pumps are much more energy efficient and can cut electricity costs by as much as 70%. Making the switch pays for the replacement pump fairly quickly.


If family life is busy to the point that it’s not likely the pool will get much usage, getting a pool may not be a practical decision. A certain amount of time is needed for ongoing pool care, even when weekly maintenance is handled by an expert pool company like Pool Works.

Getting in on the Benefits

haines city fl pool care services If the expense of a pool can be managed and the family has time to enjoy it, pool ownership is likely perfect for you. Benefits of a pool are numerous and include the following, to name just a few:

·      The pool is a place to gather with friends and family and create memories.

·      Swimming provides many health benefits, such as helping to maintain a healthy heart, healthy lungs, and healthy weight.

·      Swimming builds strength and tones muscles.

·      Both physical and emotional stress can be reduced by swimming.

·      Swimming slows down effects of aging.

·       Swimmers are smarter and more confident individuals than non-swimmers, according to some research.

Once you weigh the pros and cons of owning a pool, it’s easier to determine whether pool ownership is a good fit for you and your family. If one of your hesitations is finding a great pool company, contact us at Pool Works. We love cleaning pools, and we provide the best customer service.

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