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8 Pool Maintenance Tips Every Owner Needs to Know

Summer days floating in a pool and enjoying the sunshine in your own backyard are the perks of owning your own swimming pool. There are, however, a few “behind the scenes” tips every pool owner should know to keep their pool in top condition year after year. Yes, skimming the pool is important but there is so much more to proper pool cleaning than just skimming, let’s take a look at 8 healthy pool maintenance habits.

check water quality, Winter Haven FL1. Check the Water Quality

This is important because the chlorine level always needs to be consistent. The only way to know these levels is to check often. Bacterial growth can occur when pools do not have the right chemicals added to the water and the pH can be thrown off balance, leading to calcium buildup. A pool’s overall appearance can be affected causing it to go from crystal clear to murky. We’re not just worrying about appearance, a pool containing an incorrect balance of chemicals can be very dangerous to swim in. During the Summer season check the water quality at least once a week or even more if you can, and don’t think winter is an excuse to neglect your pool. Checking water quality every 1 to 2 weeks can make the difference in how much maintenance your pool will need when summer rolls back around. Water quality checks are relatively easy to do and the best barometer of the health of your swimming pool.

2. Clean the Filter

Regular pool maintenance should include filter cleaning. Filters are on the front line of defense when it comes to keeping your pool pristine. A filter should be thoroughly cleaned every 3 to 6 months but of course, you’ll want to check the filter after bad storms because it can become clogged with leaves and debris.

3. Clean Collections Pots and Baskets

Pools have various baskets and collection pots that should be checked often. Your pool’s pump has a pot that is dedicated to collecting hair and lint. Cleaning the pot can be done by simply turning off the pot and releasing the system pressure. A good rule of thumb is to clean the hair and lint pot along with any skimmer baskets or debris catchers at least every 2 weeks.

4. Check the Water Level

It may not seem like a big deal, but the water level can affect your pool’s delicate balance. When the water level is low it can cause the pump to run dry or even burn up and if the water level is too high, the skimmer door might not work properly. The proper water level is the halfway point of the pool skimmer. Yes, it is common for the water level to fluctuate if the pool is being used a lot or if your area has plenty of rainstorms, but this is exactly why it’s important to check the water level as a part of regular maintenance.


Most everyone is familiar with skimming, the daily practice of removing debris (often leaves and twigs from trees) that have fallen into the pool but less common is scrubbing. Why should you scrub the sides of your pool? To combat the growth of algae. Without constant attention, algae will accumulate on the sides of a pool, scrubbing the siding with a scrub brush at least once a week will thwart algae and keep your pool looking beautiful.

6. Don’t Forget the Tennis Ball

This little trick can help you with your pool maintenance. Drop a tennis ball in the pool and leave it for a while. The tennis ball absorbs the many different types of oils that can make their way into the pool, oils from hair products, suntan lotions or natural body oils are absorbed into the tennis ball leaving a cleaner pool.

7. Prepare for the Winter

If you’ve ever walked away from your pool at the end of the season without looking back till the next warm spell, you’re not alone but this is not proper pool maintenance. Every pool needs to be prepared for the winter. This is called winterizing. The process for winterizing a pool usually involves using a water testing kit to balance chemicals, removing extra water from plumbing lines, and a tight-fitting pool cover to keep out debris. These few things can help you avoid problems in the long run and ensure that your pool is ready to go for summer.

Get Your Pool Professionally Serviced, Haines City FL8. Get Your Pool Professionally Serviced

There is so much that you can do to keep your pool in great shape but if you are concerned about proper maintenance, it makes sense to have a professional service your pool once a year to make sure your efforts are paying off and to tip you off should anything be amiss. Professionals at Pool Works can also take a look at pool equipment that you may not be familiar with to make sure that everything is running efficiently.

Following these 8 tips will protect your investment and ensure that you and your family have a pool to enjoy for many years to come. We are here to help you with any questions you may have, and all your pool maintenance needs. Give us a call today (863)-967-2863 or contact us online.

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