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How to Make Your Pool More Eco-Friendly

Swimming pools are wonderful to enjoy during the warmer months, but taking care of a pool is a year-round task. Many homeowners today are interested in ways to make their pools more eco-friendly all year long. Pool Works of Auburndale, FL, would like to share some tips for an eco-friendly pool.

Quality Pool Cover, Winter Haven FLAdd a pool cover

A quality pool cover is a good way to reduce the amount of direct sunlight entering the pool. Algae and bacteria develop through photosynthesis and feed on light from the sun. Pumping, filtering and the addition of chemicals help deal with these contaminants, but you can reduce the need for them with a pool cover.

“Natural swimming pool” filtration

You can have eco-friendly pool filtration with a closed-water nutrient cycle that relies on plants to filter the water. A “natural swimming pool” is a great solution that uses the structure of wetlands for filtering and cuts down on the need for excess chemicals.

Go with solar heating

A pool’s heater creates a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. Bypass this with a solar pool heater, which heats all the water rather than just small sections. Water is sent through a filter to the solar collector, where it is heated and then redistributed back into the pool.

About your pool’s deck

Decks are part of a lot of pool designs. Make your decking more eco-friendly by using composite materials instead of actual wood from trees. Many styles of composite decking material amazingly resemble real wood and usually last far longer. And unlike wood, certain composite deck material choices resist UV rays and the infestation of destructive insects.

Stop major evaporation

You may not realize it, but evaporation causes the average pool to lose more than 25,000 gallons of water a year. Most of this is due to wind. By installing a windbreaker wall near your pool, you’ll significantly reduce evaporation, use less water and save a little money.

Lighting your pool area

Eco-friendliness extends to the lighting you set up around your pool. LED lightbulbs use only about 20% of the energy used by standard lightbulbs, and they last about 25% longer. Go a step further with elegant solar-powered lighting and cut out the environmental footprint all together.

A better pool pump

Pool pumps are the second-largest energy users at the typical residence, but the pump is critical for the safety and comfort of your pool. Since you’re going to be relying so heavily on your pool pump, why not choose an energy-efficient version? Energy Star and other energy-conserving pump styles will help you reduce the burning of fossil fuels while maintaining a beautiful pool.

A timer for your pump

Pumping is important for a pool, but did you know that you can control how often the pump engages and for how long?

Pool Filter and Pup With Timer in Lakeland FL

It’s easy to forget about the pump and let it run unnecessarily for very long periods of time. A pool pump timer puts you in control of how much the pump is used. Also, consider adding a dual-speed or variable-speed pump.

Keeping your pool eco-friendly and in great shape

Pool Works Pool & Spas helps our Florida customers keep their pools safe, clean and healthy.

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