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How Often Should My Pool Be Resurfaced?

Having an in-ground pool is the dream of many homeowners. One detail that is often overlooked is the maintenance of the pool’s walls and surfaces. They’ll eventually start showing wear and tear, potentially even cracks. We call the repair of these problems resurfacing. How often should a pool be resurfaced? First, let’s talk about the pool’s surface itself.

Swimming Pool Resurfacing in Polk City FLYour pool’s surface should be smooth

We wanted to get this point out there right away. The inside of your surface should be relatively smooth, if not entirely. So, what causes a surface to degrade?

Chemicals. Over time, this related exposure will eat away at your pool’s surface. While various types of materials can be used to create your dream pool, the materials will still be susceptible to wear and tear. And, since all homeowners treat their pools with chemicals to keep them clean, it means that every in-ground pool will need to be resurfaced at some point during its lifespan.

Signs a pool needs to be resurfaced

So, what are some of the signs that a pool needs to be resurfaced? There are a handful of obvious ones, plus a couple that are less so. The first is if the surface begins to show obvious wear, such as peeling plaster, cracks, or stubborn stains that you can’t clean away. And of course, if the texture of your pool’s surface starts to feel rough, it may be time to start considering resurfacing.

Have you ever noticed a chalk-like substance on your pool’s walls or around it? That’s another sign to keep a look out for. Finally, if you start noticing that your water level is dropping faster than expected, it can point to a leak that will require resurfacing.

Can a homeowner resurface their own pool?

We love the DIY spirit! Keep in mind that, before beginning, this will be a very labor-intensive process. One of the benefits of working with a pool contractor such as Pool Works is that we have the necessary tools on-hand to complete the job with ease. In addition, procuring the necessary materials to perform the job the right way is much easier when you work with a contractor instead of tackling it on your own.

Is it expensive to resurface a pool?

As with any construction material, the price to resurface a pool will vary depending on many different factors. It will also depend on the type of resurfacing materials you want us to use. It’s always best to reach out to get a real-time quote for a service like this.

Professional Swimming Pool Remodel and Resurfacing in Lakeland FLSo how often should a pool be resurfaced?

Revisiting our earlier question, how often should a pool be resurfaced? The answer will vary obviously, depending on wear and tear. On average, however, most homeowners should expect to resurface their in-ground pool every 10 to 20 years. It will depend on several factors, including the quality of materials that your contractor used when installing your pool.

But, when that time comes, be sure to turn to our team. We have multiple options for resurfacing, ranging from regular pebbles to various blends as well as glass-based options. Would you like to get a quote for our services?

Give Pool Works Pools & Spas a call at 863-967-2863 or send us a request for an appointment.

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