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3 of the Most Common Pool Problems and How to Fix Them

Installation of a pool is a determining factor in how many pool problems you experience. To minimize problematic issues, do thorough research before hiring a pool company to build your pool. If you are planning to buy a home with a pool, do not sign on the dotted line until a certified pool expert has inspected everything pool-related, from the mechanicals to the fencing. No one gets a pool to have to deal with headaches. Be careful you do not settle for a home with a problematic pool.

Pool Cleaning Services in Winter Haven, FL

Just as ongoing maintenance is necessary with all swimming pools, there are common pool difficulties almost everyone has to deal with from time to time. The following are some solutions for some of those everyday pool problems.

Green Pool Water

If the chemical levels in a pool are not properly maintained, the water can quickly turn green. Algae that has multiplied into great crops create un-inviting green pool water. Before doing anything, test the water to confirm what’s going on. If the issue is indeed algae, you need to shock the pool. You will add a pool shock product to kill the algae. It’s also important to use a pool brush and give the pool walls and other surfaces a good scrubbing. Also, vacuum your pool.


After going through all that, you will have a deeper understanding of the importance of routine testing.

Murky Water

Your water may not be green, but you can see there is a cloudy fog in the pool. The water does not look safe for swimming, and that’s because it isn’t. The cause of the cloudiness is usually a buildup of bacteria. A chemical imbalance created the problem—not enough chlorine, which kills bacteria. Add what’s needed to restore balance in your pool water.

A Leaky Vinyl Liner

Some evaporation naturally occurs in swimming pools every day. If your pool’s water level is more than one-half inch lower than the day before, the problem is not evaporation. This is a pool emergency, and immediate attention is needed. The biggest need is to determine where the pool leak is.

First, check the pool equipment and piping. If the equipment seems to be in good condition and connections are tight, keep looking.

Next, check the pool’s vinyl liner. When the leak stabilizes, it means the leak is at the current water level. With continued leaking, it is necessary to look deeper. Check the walls and floor for a worn area, tear, or hole.

Pool water treatment services in Lake Wales FLWhen the leak has been located, apply duct tape as a temporary repair. Duct tape adheres well underwater, but it does not stay secure indefinitely. Before too long, the edges begin loosening.

It can be difficult to patch vinyl pool liners that are more than a decade old. If, however, your pool is only 2 or 3 years old and in relatively good shape, a patch may be a good solution that could last for many years.

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