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Tips for Maintaining a Clean Pool

A sparkling clean swimming pool in your backyard can be summer’s greatest pleasure, though it requires work to keep it in pristine condition. Become familiar with the reasons for the steps required for keeping your pool clean. If you perform the tasks below in order to keep up with the condition of surface maintenance, pool water, and equipment, you will know how to maintain a clean pool.

Surface Maintenance

Brush Surfaces

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The pool walls need to be brushed frequently. At least once weekly use a pool brush on a long pole to scrub the pool surfaces such as ladders and slides. This task removes oil, dirt, and algae. Special attention should be given to the ring or scum line that forms around the pool because this is where bacteria, dirt, and oil tend to accumulate.


Either manually or with an automatic vacuum, the pool surfaces need to be vacuumed. When performing manual vacuuming, vacuum the sides of the pool and then the bottom. The debris in the mesh bag should be disposed of.



Pool Water

Skim the Water

Daily skimming of the pool’s surface is recommended. Skimmer nets are ideally on a long pole that you drag across the water’s surface. Twigs, leaves, bugs, and other debris will be captured during the skimming process.

Test Water Chemistry

Regularly test the chemical balance in your pool water and adjust the water chemistry as needed. For best results, bring a sample of your pool water to a local pool store. Also, regularly shocking your pool water may be needed to be able to enjoy swimming in sparkling clear water.

Adjustments in pool water chemistry are needed after events like heavy rain, drought, and wind.

Run the Pump

The pool pump needs to run daily to ensure that the circulation system is maintained, and the water is filtered.


clean pool pump basket, plant city flPool equipment is essential for a healthy pool, and part of the formula for success in keeping a sparkling clean pool is to tend to the equipment. The filter needs to be cleaned regularly. It captures many of the dirt particles and prevents them from entering the pool circulation system.

The pump baskets and skimmer can also become clogged with debris. Check the pump basket often. Regularly empty the baskets, and remove any excess debris using a garden hose.

Equipment to Simplify Pool Maintenance

Advanced equipment for your pool will help you enjoy a pool with sparkling clear water. This advanced equipment will make pool maintenance easier:

  • Install an energy-efficient variable speed pump
  • Invest in automation systems for sanitization, pH balance and more
  • Get an automatic pool cleaner
  • Add an automated pool sanitization system

Schedule Professional Pool Maintenance with Pool Works

Pool Works has the supplies you need for maintaining a crystal-clear pool. We have a team of trained and qualified pool experts, and you can schedule regular maintenance for the cleanest pool around. At Pool Works, we specialize in providing the best pool cleaning services.

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