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Keeping Your Pool Clean And Clear This Summer

While summer might officially begin on June 20th, the practical reality is the season is already here! By now, you’ve probably had more than one pool party, especially if you have kids at home. However, that increased usage can lead to cloudy, stale water if not maintained properly. That’s why we’re covering our seven favorite tips for keeping your pool clean and clear this summer! P.S. We thought a creative phrase for each of these tips might help you remember them better!

Pool Cleaning in Lakeland FlTesting, one…two…three

As you might have guessed, our first tip for keeping your pool clean and clear this summer is to test your water regularly. Because we use so many chemicals in our pools, there is a careful balance we should aim for. Ideally, the pH of your pool’s water should sit between 7.2 and 7.6.

Cleanliness is next to happiness

Next, let’s talk about keeping your water clear. You should skim your pool before each use, removing any surface-level contaminants. Then, brush your walls approximately twice a week followed by a weekly vacuum.

It’s a massive cover-up!

No scandals here, just a quick and easy tip for keeping your pool clean and clear this summer. When it’s not in use, cover it up.

Filter by new or used?

We’re all used to filtering our web results, either by size, price, or condition. This is a great segue to our next tip for keeping your pool clean and clear this summer: change your filter. This should be on your monthly to-do list while taking care of other filter-related maintenance on a less frequent basis.

I’m gonna pump [clap] you up!

Arnold may have ingrained this phrase into our societal collective consciousness, but today we’re not referring to lifting weights. Rather, we’re highlighting the importance of a working pool pump. One great way to keep your pool clean and clear this summer is by keeping your water circulating. If your pump stops working, call Pool Works Pools & Spas ASAP so that we can get it quickly repaired or replaced for you.

[Insert shocked Pikachu face]

This meme, while silly on its surface, is a great reminder that you will need to “shock” your pool routinely. Typically, this is a weekly process, though you may need to do so after a party, if our area experiences some unusual summertime storms, or if you experience a sudden algae growth.

Green should only grow on trees

Speaking of algae, our final tip to keep your pool clean this summer is focused on preventing an algae takeover. While shocking your pool can help, another solution is to use a flocculant. This will cause the algae to clump together into larger particles and make it far easier to remove them.

Pool Cleaning in Winter Haven FlWe’ll help you keep your pool clean and clear this summer

Regardless of your current and future needs, our team is here to help. Whether you’re having problems figuring out clarity issues with your pool, need resurfacing, or want to improve your deck, let us know.

You can start by calling Pool Works Pools & Spas at 863-967-2863 or send us a quick message with your needs online.

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