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Inground Pool Maintenance Essentials

To enjoy a sparkling clean pool, it is necessary to ensure those pool maintenance essentials are tended to like clockwork. A pool is a luxury only so long as the water is healthy and inviting. Whether you opt to invest your time in do-it-yourself pool care or schedule a trusted pool service, various steps related to circulation, cleaning, and chemistry must be included.


Circulation of pool water is important because stagnant water creates a harmful environment that is not healthy for swimming. Various components of the pool system essential to circulation follow.

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Pool Pump

The pool pump is extremely important. All of the water in the pool is pulled through the pump and pushed out through the pool filter. The water stays crystal clear because all of the debris and bacteria are removed through this process of circulation. The amount of time per day that your pool pump must run to maintain an optimal swimming pool depends on the pool volume.

Helpful formulas are available to calculate pool volume based on whether the pool is rectangular, round, or oval. The formulas calculate the turnover rates in pools and indicate the minimum number of hours to run the pump daily. On average, pool pumps run 8 hours per day to make sure all of the pool water is filtered once each day.


Pool Filter

The pool filter is also essential to circulation. Backwashing the pool filter is needed regularly to ensure that the pool filter does not become clogged. Backwashing forces any debris caught in the filter to dislodge, making it easier to remove. Backwashing can be compared to cleaning out the strainer in a kitchen sink.

Skimmer and Pump Basket

pool cleaning, lakeland flSwimming pools have a skimmer basket and pump basket, both of which need to be routinely cleaned out. If either basket is clogged, the pool can’t pump properly, resulting in a dirty pool. Simple procedures are followed to clean both the skimmer basket and the pump basket. If either step is skipped, the result will be a need for pump repair work, which can be costly.

Pool Jets

The final component vital to pool circulation is to properly direct the pool jets. Each jet should point in the same direction which, ideally, is a 45º angle toward the pool’s bottom. Ensure the jets don’t push water toward the skimmers.


The following are pool cleaning steps:

  • Brush ladders, steps, and walls daily. They are areas where the pool water’s circulation is low.
  • Each day, skim the surface of the pool to remove debris.
  • Vacuum your pool weekly or use an automatic cleaner.


Just the idea of maintaining proper chemistry in pools can be intimidating, but it’s not difficult. The most challenging part is to keep up with ongoing chemistry maintenance. The following are the basic steps in pool chemistry, and specifics about each are readily available:

  • Test the pool water once or twice each week
  • Balance the water’s pH and alkalinity
  • Maintain recommended sanitizer levels
  • Shock the pool bi-weekly

The hassle-free approach to taking care of pool maintenance essentials is to schedule routine visits by a Pool Works professional. Call Pool Works today to set up routine cleaning. As a general rule, each of our customers is assigned one technician who will handle their pool maintenance essentials.

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