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How to Lower The PH of Your Swimming Pool

swimming pool service Haines City, FLThere are many ways to get the most out of your family’s swimming pool. Today we are going to focus on a little-known but really important factor. The pH of your swimming pool water. pH stands for “potential hydrogen” it’s a scale used to measure acidity or basicity. Having a pH that is too low or too high can negatively affect the life and pleasure of using your swimming pool.

Ideally, the pH should be kept between 7.4 and 7.8 – anything lower than 7.4 is too acidic and anything over 7.8 would be considered too basic or alkaline. High pH in pool water has several effects…

Signs of a High pH Level

Hard Water – If you’ve ever experienced this in your home then you know what an annoyance hard water can be. High pH or alkalinity can cause a scaley buildup from too much calcium. This can clog the filters and pipes of your pool and decrease the efficiency of your motor to the point of failure.

  • Bacteria and algae grow due to the ineffectiveness of chlorine at high pH levels. You will wonder why your pool just doesn’t seem to stay clean. It can also increase costs as pool owners will have to add more and more chlorine to get the same effect.
  • Hazy or cloudy pool water – With the productivity of your chlorine compromised, the bacteria and algae growth mentioned before can take its toll on the condition of your pool water. If you love the look of a clear pristine pool, then attending to your pool’s pH is essential to keep the crystal-clear water you love.
  • Swimmers might experience dry skin or stinging eyes – These might seem like ordinary consequences of using the pool, but excessively dry skin and noticeable eye irritation should be taken seriously as it can greatly impact the ability to enjoy your pool.

Though unpleasant, the condition of your water doesn’t have to be a permanent one. You can lower and balance your pool’s pH. The first step of course is to use a pool test kit to determine the water’s alkalinity. Once you know for sure that the pH is too high you can begin the steps necessary to balance things out.

Pool Water Testing, Sebring FL Lower The pH of Pool Water

You can lower your pool’s pH by adding the right product to restore balance. The most popular substances to lower the pH of the pool water are sodium bisulfate and muriatic acid. Sodium Bisulfate is also commonly called “dry acid” and it comes in a granular form.

You may know muriatic acid by its other name “hydrochloric acid.” While muriatic acid is effective for lowering the pH in pools there are safety precautions that should be observed and call for careful handling of the substance, including wearing gloves and goggles when using.

Talk to your pool professionals to find out which one of these products will work best for your family and for your pool. Contact PoolWorks at (863) 967-2863 if you have any questions or reach out online.

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