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How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump Every Day?

The more you understand about various options related to running your pool pump, the more money you can save. Running the pump daily is a must but running it nonstop is an unnecessary drain on the life of your pump and on your wallet. It’s easy to complicate the issue with various factors, as far as how long to run your pool pump daily, but the best answer is 8 hours every day. Read on for more insights, most of which can help you cut the monthly cost of electricity for your pool

Pool Pump Repair, Lakeland FLAll-Important Pool Circulation

Your pool has different types of equipment that all work together to keep it pristine. The pump is highly important because it is the piece of equipment that keeps the water in circulation. Stagnant water quickly becomes host to a yucky environment that attracts algae and other undesirable conditions.

Your pool pump pulls water in from the pool and pushes it back out through the filter. The filter is what captures bacteria and other debris. The way to achieve a clear, clean pool is to ensure that the pool water runs through the filter system once daily, which is referred to as the “turnover rate.”

Calculating Turnover Rate

A bit of math plus the right equipment are needed to make sure of a sufficient turnover rate for your pool. In essence, you need a pool pump with the right number of gallons per hour (GPH) being pumped so that there is a full turnover of the pool water within an 8-hour period. Most pool pumps, however, go by gallons per minute (GPM).

A handy pool volume calculator can be used to determine the number of gallons of water in your pool and, ultimately, provide a guideline for choosing the right pump for your pool.

The formula is:

  • Calculate GPH by dividing Total Pool Volume by 8.
  • Next, divide GPH by 60 (minutes) for the GPM.

upgrading pool pumps in lakeland flChoose the Right Pump

Be sure you get a pool pump that can turn over all the water in your pool in at least an 8-hour period. You can save on electricity by getting a pump that will turn over the water in your pool more rapidly, allowing the pump to shut off more quickly and stop consuming as much electricity. The average monthly cost to run a 1 HP pump follows:

$21 for 4 hours;

$31 for 6 hours; and

$41 for 8 hours.

It’s definitely better to have an oversized or higher HP pool pump as opposed to one that’s too small. However, getting a large HP doesn’t necessarily equate to saving money.


For instance, you can save about $19 monthly running a 1 HP 8 hours per day as opposed to running a 1.5 HP pump 8 hours per day, according to Florida Power and Electric. Costs are:

$31 for 1HP / 8 hours and

$58 for 1.5 HP / 8 hours.

Types of Pumps

The type of pool pump you have makes a difference in the cost and efficiency of the pump. The best is a variable-speed pool pump. These help with turnover and filtering and consume less power—you may also be able to get a utility rebate if you invest in one. At the least, get a dual-speed pump, if the upfront cost of a variable-speed is too much. In some areas of the country, single-speed pool pumps are outlawed because of comparative inefficiency.

Peak and Non-Peak Electricity Rates 

Save money on operating your pool pump by running it during the times of the day or night when electricity is at its lowest rate. Typically, electricity providers charge more during peak hours than non-peak hours. The only complication with the system of setting your timer for this purpose and keeping it set is that you need to be sure the pump is in operation when chemicals are added. It’s important to disperse the chemicals and get them moving. 

When pool shock is added, that needs to happen at night or, at the latest, at dusk. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the treatment will be burned off by the sun. Running your pool pump at night is a must anytime you shock your pool.

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