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7 Essentials in Swimming Pool Maintenance

When you keep up with the seven essentials in swimming pool maintenance, you can continually enjoy the many benefits of having a pool. It is vital to provide ongoing pool care. The task isn’t overly demanding, especially with the ongoing help of professional pool cleaners. The following are 7 essentials of swimming pool care.

pool cleaning service in sebring fl1-Skim Daily

Debris continuously accumulates on the surface of your pool, including insects and leaves. If you skim the surface of the water daily, deep cleaning will be needed less often because the debris doesn’t get the chance to sink to the pool floor. When the skimming net is dirty, shake the debris onto the ground before putting it back into the pool.


Pool surfaces need to be brushed routinely, including the walls, corners, and ladders. Brushing removes dirt, potential algae growth, and chemical residue. The chemicals and pool vacuum are better able to remove the stuck-on sediment when it has been loosened with a pool brush.


After brushing your pool, vacuuming is the next step in pool maintenance. Vacuuming will pick up any debris that’s already at the bottom of the pool in addition to the debris loosened by brushing. There are many types of automatic vacuums you can choose from, including robotic vacuums, pressure vacuums, and suction vacuums. In the alternative, you can vacuum manually using a technique like the movements involved with mowing a lawn.

4-Clean Skimmer

Cleaning out your skimmer(s) is usually fine as a weekly chore, but it’s sometimes necessary more often than that. During daily skimming of the pool surface, check to be sure that the pool’s water level is more than halfway up the skimmer so that debris can be effectively collected. At the same time, check that the skimmer is clean.

5-Maintain Pool Circulation

The circulation system of your pool is vitally important and includes the pump, pump strainer, skimmer, filter, and drains. The pool pump needs to run long enough each day to ensure that the pool water has been properly filtered. All components of the circulation system need to be checked—make sure the system is clean and in good working order.

pool filter cleaning, auburndale fl6-Monitor Filters

Follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance of your pool filters. Basically, pool filters should be checked weekly, and any debris that has collected should be removed. Backwashing is needed weekly when a pool is used frequently or when the filter gauge reading is 8-10 psi higher than usual. The most popular types of filters are sand, cartridge, and vertical grid DE.

7-Test/Adjust the Pool Water Chemicals

Usually, chemicals are added to a swimming pool every day. Test the pool water daily or, if it is not used much, once per week may be fine. Pool chemicals typically include disinfectants and sanitizers to control the growth of bacteria and certain types of algae in the pool water. Regular shock treatments are usually recommended, in which the pool water is cleansed of dirt, algae, and any organic matter that may have entered the pool.

For help from Lakeland Florida’s pool cleaning experts known for maintaining sparkling clean pools and adding the benefit of professional knowledge to essential pool cleaning maintenance routines, contact Pool Works today.

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