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How to Enhance Your Pool With Lights

Your pool may be the perfect shape and size, but you still feel something is missing. If your pool doesn’t have lights, then you are right. Pool lights make the pool shimmer and glow at night like some kind of liquid gem, so if you want your pool to have that something extra, here is how to enhance your pool with lights.

Pool Remodeling Sebring, FLAesthetics

Your pool may sparkle with the sun’s rays during the day, but without lights, it will be as dark as the night itself. A potential area for nighttime gatherings is taken away when you don’t have pool lights. When you have pool lights installed, you can have get-togethers around your pool and show it off to your guests.

Pool lights enhance your landscaping by illuminating trees, shrubs, and flowers that would have been lost in darkness after sundown. When you swim at night, your neighbors will see ripples reflected on palm trees and your house, adding a hypnotic beauty to your surroundings. Pool lights are a great way to enhance the overall charm of your home.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Just having a swimming pool increases your home’s value. It is a consensus that a home’s value can be increased up to 7% by having a swimming pool. Imagine what adding pool lights to your swimming pool could do to exceed the 7% increase in home value. Clearly, enhancing your pool with lights is a wise investment.

Security and Safety

Many of the accidents involving small children and pools take place at night. Even if you have a safety fence surrounding your pool, determined children can climb over them or squeeze through gaps. If your pool isn’t illuminated, you may not notice a child in a pool until it’s too late. When you have pool lights, not only can you see a child in the pool right away, but the reflected ripples it casts will also alert you that someone is in the pool. You can increase the safety of your pool by adding lights.

Pool lights prevent accidents as well. If you or a loved one go swimming at night, you will be able to see the depth marked on the pool or perceive how deep it is before diving into it. The leading cause of broken necks in swimming pools is diving into unknown depths; having pool lights reduces that risk at night.

Pool Supply Haines City, FLBy lighting your swimming pool, you are also adding light to your backyard that will deter would-be prowlers and burglars.

If you have security cameras around your house, any break-ins or attempted break-ins at night will be better seen with light emanating from your swimming pool.

When the police can identify a criminal on a security camera, the chances of the perpetrator being caught and recovering your property increase exponentially. Lights in your swimming pool can be a greater security asset than you ever imagined.

Let Pool Works Install Lights

With nearly forty years of service and experience, Pool Works can install lights in your pool. Our crews are experienced, licensed, and insured. Call us now or fill out our easy contact form, and we can discuss installing lights in your swimming pool. A pool expert will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Take the first step to enhancing your pool with lights today!

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