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Energy Efficient Pools – More Ways to Go Green

If you have a pool, your energy costs may be nearly 50% higher than your neighbors without pools. Fortunately, there are many ways to have a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient swimming pool.

Top 3 Tips for an Energy-Efficient Pool

swimming pool equipment, bartow fl#1. Use Efficient Equipment

You may be able to reduce your energy costs by up to 45% with new energy-efficient pool equipment. You can also cut costs by changing the settings on your current pool equipment.

  • Invest in a Variable Speed Pool Pump: Investing in a variable speed pool pump is one of the most effective ways to reduce your pool’s utility costs. It can bring your energy use down by 30 to 45 percent.
  • Get an Automatic Timer: If you aren’t ready to invest in a variable speed pool pump, pick up an automatic time for your single speed pump. This will allow you to reduce how long it runs by placing it on a set schedule.
  • Turn Down the Heater: Pool heaters can use up a lot of energy. Raising your pool temperature by just 1°F can increase your energy costs by 10 to 30%. You can conserve energy by turning the pool temperature down when you aren’t using it. When you are using it, set the temperature between 78° to 80° for active swimming and 82° to 84° for recreational use.
  • Switch to LED Pool Lights: LED lights use less electricity than incandescent lights and last much longer. This switch can reduce your costs and may even improve the ambiance of your pool or spa at night.

#2. Prevent Evaporation

Evaporation accounts for 95% of the heat lost by your pool. If you want to save on heating costs and reduce the chemicals your pool needs, take steps to prevent evaporation.

  • Install Windbreaks: On a high wind day, the evaporation of your pool water may increase by more than 300%. You can prevent this by installing windbreaks around your pool.
  • Invest in a Solar Cover: Using a solar cover is the most practical solution. A solar cover can reduce pool water evaporation by 30 to 60% and chemical use by 35 to 60%. In addition, according to the US Department of Energy, it can bring down your heating costs by 50 to 70%.

pool filter cleaning in lakeland fl#3. Properly Maintain Your Pool

Keeping up with your pool’s maintenance can do more than just keeping  the water clear. It can improve your pool’s energy use and have a positive environmental impact.

  • Replace the Filter on Time:  When a pool filter is too old to work efficiently, it uses up more energy. If your filter can’t keep up with your pool and needs to be backwashed frequently, you most likely need to replace it. Typically, cartridge filters need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years, sand filters need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years, and DE filters need to be replaced every 10 years.
  • Keep the Drains Clear: Your pool pump and filter have to work overtime when the drains are clogged. Cleaning out the drains frequently will prevent this extra work and help them run more efficiently.
  • Invest in a Robotic Pool Cleaner: Regularly removing leaves and other debris from your pool helps your pool pump and filter perform optimally. With a robotic pool cleaner, you can easily set up and automate the cleaning process. Fifteen mins/day can improve your pool’s clarity and energy efficiency.

We hope that these tips help you go green and make your pool energy efficient. If you are looking for pool supplies or help maintaining your pool, swing by PoolWorks! Our pool experts serve residents throughout the Lakeland, FL, area to improve their pool water quality and energy efficiency.


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