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How To Be A More Eco-Friendly Pool Owner

One of the many advantages of living in Central Florida is the sunny weather for enjoying swimming most of the year. But pools require water, electricity, and chemicals to stay clean and healthy. Since many Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Polk County customers often ask for more environmentally friendly solutions, here are our five top tips for being an eco-friendlier pool owner without sacrificing health.

Sand Filters and Pool Pump Installation in Lakeland FLSwitch to Sand Filters

Not only are sand filters less expensive than cartridges, but they also need replacement less often, about every five to seven years. The pool water circulates through the sand filter media, which removes debris and particulate matter, returning clean water to the swimming pool. A periodic backwashing process is all you need to do to clean the sand filter to maintain its peak performance. A sand filter will also prolong the life of your pump.

Avoid Running Your Pump During the Day

There is one simple step that every pool owner in Polk County, Fl, can take right now to be an eco-friendlier pool owner, and it won’t cost a cent. Adjust your pool pump to run in the evening (after dusk) or in the morning (before sunrise), limiting its use during the afternoon when the sun is at its peak. The increased energy efficiency will also take a bite out of your Polk County Utilities bill.

Sanitize Your Pool Without Chlorine

Several alternatives for disinfecting your pool use either less or no chlorine to maintain a safe and healthy pool. One method that is growing in popularity, especially in Central Florida, is salt sanitizers. Many homeowners like the beachy feel of a saltwater pool, and its lower reliance on chemicals is better for the environment. Ozone Purification and UV Sanitization are other ways to be a more eco-friendly pool owner.

Reduce Evaporation with a Solar Cover

Most Florida homeowners can benefit from covering their pool. The abundant sunshine we enjoy causes evaporation, eventually requiring more water and chemicals to maintain a healthy pH balance. You can reduce evaporation by as much as 95% and keep your pool warmer with a solar pool cover. It’s a must if you have a pool heater. It will also reduce chemical use by up to 60 percent. Now that’s something every eco-friendly pool owner will celebrate.

Install a Solar Heater

With so much sunshine all year long, why not use that energy to heat your pool? That’s why many Florida pool owners are installing a solar heater, a heat pump with a solar panel. In addition to saving energy and reducing utility costs, it will keep your pool cooler in the summer for year-round swimming at your desired water temperature. In addition, covering the pool with a solar cover or blanket will maximize efficiency, further reducing energy costs.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps in Winter Haven FLUse a Variable Speed Pool Pump

Installing a variable-speed pool pump is another excellent idea for consumers that want the ultimate energy-efficient device. These pumps are so efficient that the reduction in energy usage will pay for itself within two to three years.

Winter Pool Maintenance Service in Polk County, FL

Be a more eco-friendly pool owner and enjoy your swimming pool year-round while lowering your energy bill. Ask about our 1-month free pool service! Call Pool Works Pools & Spas at (863) 967-2863 or contact us online to schedule service or get a free estimate. We proudly serve Haines City, Cypress Gardens, and Polk County, FL residents for over three decades!

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