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Best Strategies to Make Your Pool Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

If you are interested in cutting monthly energy costs, taking steps to maintain an energy-efficient pool is an excellent start. As a bonus, you will help the environment by reducing electricity usage. Designing an eco-friendly pool is easier than it has ever been before, and equipment is available to boost the efficiency of your existing pool. The following are the top ways to make your pool more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Switch to a Variable Speed Pump

Pool owners save, on average, $20 to $30 every month if they have a variable speed pump installed in place of the standard one-speed pump. Studies prove there is a stark difference between the two types of pumps. In fact, research strongly suggests that variable speed pumps are 90% more efficient than the alternative.

Pool Supplies At Pool Woks In Lakeland, FLAdopt Eco-Friendly Practices

In a way similar to a smart meter that helps to reduce electricity costs in the home, you can improve pool efficiency. For instance, when the pool will not be in use, adjust the pool heater so that less energy is used. Keep your pool well-maintained so that the pool equipment is not forced to work harder than should be necessary.

Habitually use a pool cover to reduce evaporation of the pool water. About 95% of the heat loss in a pool occurs at the surface, and the pool cover will also help to retain heat. 

At the Pool Design Stage

It is much easier to achieve an eco-friendly pool when you make all the best choices during its design. The following are some of the features best to include in your swimming pool as it is being built:

  • Finish your pool in a darker color. This way, the sun’s rays will be absorbed rather than reflected. Heating your pool is less expensive when the sun can work in your favor.
  • The pool’s plumbing can make a huge difference in the efficiency of the pool’s core systems. When pipes make too many tight turns or if they are too narrow, the pool pump, for instance, will unnecessarily be forced to work harder. Optimize your pool’s plumbing system.
  • If larger pool filters are built into your pool system, water can flow through a larger area. It will require less work for your pump to move the same amount of water. This reduces the pump’s energy consumption while extending its life.
  • Use “smart” technology that allows you to optimize the pool system’s energy usage.
  • Install LED lights instead of incandescent lights for remarkable savings. It costs 80% more to operate incandescent lights as compared with LED lights. Although LED light bulbs cost a bit more upfront, they last many times longer than incandescent bulbs, which is also a serious money-saver.

Professional Pool Care lakeland flCall Pool Works for Unbeatable Pool Maintenance

Another cost-cutting pool practice is to keep up with the ongoing maintenance that pools demand. This is a job best left to professionals. If you live in or around Auburndale FL, call Pool Works at (863) 967-2863 or fill out our contact form to schedule reliable eco-friendly pool services that ensure energy efficiency.

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