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Dark Colored Pools are the New Trend

dark surface swimming pool, bartow fl

Black and gray are popular colors for clothes that have a slimming effect, chic home interiors, and now dark-colored pools are trending. The changes in the appearance of a pool are stark when you compare a dark bottom pool with the standard white or blue pool. If being in vogue is your go-to option, the new trend of a black-bottom pool is your obvious choice. Below, learn some pros and cons of this new fad in swimming pools.

Do Dark Bottom Pools Help Cut Energy Costs?

There is some debate regarding whether pools with black or dark-colored bottoms heat up more easily.  The prevailing thought is that swimming pools with dark-colored bottoms cause the pool to heat more quickly. Dark floors and walls of the swimming pool absorb the heat of the sun more rapidly than lighter colors. When the water warms up faster and dark hues improve heat retention, the pool heater doesn’t have to work as hard. Thus, heating costs are lowered.

Effects of Dark Pool Bottoms for Swimmers

Unlike most adults, the ability to judge depth perception in a dark-colored pool can be very challenging for children. To address the problem for the sake of children, markers can be used as well as lighting to indicate where the pool is shallow and where it is deep.

A Potential Jumping and Diving Hazard

In a black-bottom, navy, or dark gray pool, the water is dark. This fact creates some visual disadvantages. It can be extremely dangerous, for instance, if a swimmer dives into a swimming pool that is not deep enough. One way to ensure safety is to clearly communicate that the pool itself is a jumping or diving hazard.


Among swimming pool manufacturers, surface colors such as white or blue are standard and, therefore, do not create an added expense. A price upgrade may be involved when you choose a dark-bottom pool. The exact color chosen as well as the type of material are determining factors on cost.

Dark Sandscape Pool Surface Colors, lakeland flTypical Options for Dark-Colored Pools

When purchasing a pool, choosing the inlay pool color is usually standard. As far as dark bottom pools go, the following colors are the most popular ones:

  • Black pools are the darkest, and several shades of black are often available to choose from. When a homeowner has small children or pets at home who swim regularly, it is not usually advisable to go with a black bottom pool. The difficulty seeing the pool bottom can create a safety hazard so be sure to mark the depth clearly.
  • Gray pools are available in many different hues. One of the effects of a gray bottom pool is that the shade of the water is a beautiful deep blue.
  • Dark Blue. Dark blue pools are arguably the most popular swimming pool surface color when considering all pool varieties today. The dark blue depths provide significant advantages. Those benefits include water having the appearance of various precise shades, and the dark blue gives the environment a distinctively nautical feel.

You can rely on our qualified pool service teams at PoolWorks for maintaining sparkling clean swimming pools, even if the sparkle is obscured by dark surfaces in the pool. Visit us or give us a call today at PoolWorks.


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