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Concrete Pool Repair: Structural Problems

Spring is home improvement season. It’s the perfect time to tackle pool repairs before another hot Florida summer!

If you have noticed cracks in your pool, repair them as soon as possible! Small cracks in your pool’s surface may go deep or be the sign of an underlying problem that could cause serious structural damage. Small cracks can also expand if they aren’t fixed. That’s why it’s smart to call on a professional to repair the problem now before it gets worse. Severe structural pool repairs can cost up to $10,000. Taking action now could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Swimming Pool Construction, Lakeland FLWhat causes cracks in a pool?

There are five reasons why a pool may get cracks:

  • Shifting soil – As soil settles and shifts it can cause the plaster lining your pool to crack. This is the main cause of minor cracks in swimming pools. Shifting soil can cause structural cracks if the soil around your pool wasn’t compacted before the pool was installed.
  • Groundwater pressure – Groundwater exerts hydrostatic pressure on your pool. If there is too much pressure, it can cause structural damage. This is most likely to happen if your pool doesn’t have water in it. That’s why you should never drain your pool unless it is the only option to make repairs. Only a pool expert should drain it. We have the training and experience to reduce the risk that your pool will be damaged when it’s drained.
  • Low-quality materials or poor construction/installation – If your pool was made of low-quality materials or installed poorly, it is more likely to wear out quickly and develop structural problems.
  • Natural disaster – A natural disaster, such as an earthquake, maybe strong enough to crack the concrete shell of your pool.
  • Freezing weather – Freezing weather isn’t a problem that Florida pool owners have to worry about. For pool owners in northern regions, this can be a big problem. Small cracks from shifting soil can expand when water in the pool seeps into those cracks and freezes then thaws throughout the winter.

Surface Cracks vs Structural Cracks

Every underground swimming pool is made up of two components:

  • The pool shell that’s typically made of concrete or fiberglass
  • The pool surface that’s usually made of plaster or a liner

Cracks that are only surface level are a minor problem than can be repaired easily. The best solution is usually to fill in the crack with hydraulic cement or have the area resurfaced. Minor cracks can cause algae problems or calcium nodules, but they won’t cause a leak.

Cracks in the pool’s shell are a structural problem. Structural cracks will cause a leak and only get worse over time. It’s essential to consult a professional pool expert to determine the best option to repair your pool if it has a structural crack.

Plastering Pool, Auburndale FLHow can you tell the difference between a surface crack vs a structural crack?

The best way to answer this question is to have your pool inspected by a pool expert. We have seen a wide range of pool problems and can determine how serious the crack(s) in your pool are and let you know the options you have for repairs.




You can use these questions to get an idea of how serious the cracks are:

  • Are the cracks thin, shallow and clustered together? If your answer is Yes, they are most likely surface cracks.
  • Can you see the concrete underneath? If you see concrete peaking through the cracks, its only a surface problem.
  • Does the crack in your pool look deep? If it looks like a fissure or a deep cleft that goes through the concrete, it’s a structural crack.
  • Have you noticed that the water level in your pool has changed drastically? That may indicate that your pool is leaking because of a structural crack.

Structural problems can shorten the lifespan of your pool and make it unsafe to swim in. We are here to prevent that! Our pool experts are trusted by homeowners and businesses across Polk County. Pool Works is known for providing exceptional pool repairs at affordable prices. Give us a call today to get your pool fixed for summer, (863) 967-2863!

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