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Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Home with a Pool

Looking for a home with a pool? Here in sunny Florida, owning a house with a pool is a major perk. You can typically enjoy swimming and relaxing in the water from April through October. Owning a pool is a big commitment, and you’ll need to ask if the pool needs to be renovated or resurfaced, as well as other important questions to ask before making an offer on a house with an in-ground swimming pool.

home purchase with pool, lake wales floridaWhat is the pool’s condition?

Pool repairs on an in-ground swimming pool can be more expensive than installing a new one. It depends on the pool’s condition and the type of pool (fiberglass pool, concrete pool, or vinyl liner pool). For example: Replacing a ripped or torn vinyl pool liner typically costs $1,100 – $3,550. In contrast, re-plastering the plaster surface in a concrete pool typically costs 5,500 – $10,000.

If the home in question has a pool that needs significant repairs, you may be able to negotiate with the seller. They might agree to cover the cost of any required repairs or renovations before your purchase the home. Be sure to hire a professional pool inspector to determine the condition of the pool before you buy it. Otherwise, you may get stuck with the repair costs.


Is the pool covered by a warranty?

If a warranty covers the pool, you may have fewer out-of-pocket expenses to worry about. Some pool supply manufacturers offer transferable, long-term warranties on pool shells, liners, and other pool equipment. There is no guarantee that a warranty will cover your pool. You will be better prepared for the future if you ask the seller about the details of the pool warranty.

How much will a pool increase my homeowner’s insurance?

Owning a pool may increase the cost of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Covering a home with a pool is riskier for insurance companies because of the high number of swimming pool-related accidents. If the pool has a diving board or water slide, your homeowners’ insurance policy may exclude the pool since these amenities increase the risk of an injury. It’s wise to speak with your insurance company to get an estimate and budget for
a higher premium.

Will the pool need fencing, cameras, or other safety and security features?

Many communities require fencing around yards with a pool to prevent neighborhood children and strangers from entering without supervision. It’s a good idea to check local zoning requirements to determine if your home is required to have a backyard fence. You may want to invest in other security features like cameras or outdoor lighting around the pool.

If you have children, it’s smart to invest in additional pool safety features. Drowning is the leading cause of injury-related deaths for children ages 1 through 4. It’s the second leading cause for kids from 4 to 15. You may want to install a protective fence around the pool, locks on the fence or door leading to the pool, and early swimming lessons for your children.

How much am I willing to invest in pool maintenance?

Swimming Pool Maintenance, plant city flThis is an excellent question to ask yourself. It may be helpful to create an annual and ten-year pool maintenance budget. Your budget should include:

  • pool chemicals and water testing strips
  • pool utility costs (water and electric)
  • desired pool equipment (such as a pool vacuum or pool cover)
  • pool filter maintenance and replacement costs

In-ground pools require regular cleaning and chemical treatments. During the swimming season, the water has to be tested at least twice a week and often treated to prevent algae and bacteria from thriving. You also have to manually remove leaves, twigs, and other debris frequently. Even automated systems, like the pool filter, have to be regularly cleaned and replaced. Over time, you may have additional pool maintenance costs such as acid washing and resurfacing a concrete pool or replacing a vinyl pool liner.

These costs add up, especially if you hire a service to take care of your pool for you. On average, over ten years, homeowners with a concrete pool invest around $30,000 in their pool. Homeowners with a vinyl liner pool invest about $10,000, and homeowners with a fiberglass pool invest approximately $4,000. You may want to ask the seller what their annual pool maintenance costs are or ask a pool expert how much they recommend budgeting for pool maintenance.

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Buying a home with a pool can improve your health and happiness. Before you make an offer on your dream home, ask these five questions. The long-term and short-term maintenance needs and costs of a pool depend on many factors: the age of the pool and condition, type of pool, and type of pool filter. Answering these questions will prepare you to care for your future pool properly. When you need pool supplies or pool repairs, we can help! PoolWorks provide swimming pool cleaning service, repairs, and remodeling for homeowners throughout Polk County, Florida. Our team of experts has more than 40 years of pool service experience. Swing on by our location, or give us a call when you need a hand with your pool!

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