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Choosing the Best Pool Features for Your Family

Do you want to turn your backyard into a welcoming oasis? Here in sunny Florida, there is no better addition than a pool to make your yard feel like a retreat. Many incredible pool features that were only available for commercial pools are now available for home pools. If you are customizing your residential pool, consider adding one of these luxurious pool features.

swimming pool cleaning plant city fl1. Customized Hot Tub

Nothing is better to release muscle tension and stress than a hot tub. It’s the top pool feature that homeowners include in customized designs. Unlike a cool pool, you can enjoy it even when the sun goes down or the temperature drops.

2. LED Mood Lighting

What mood do you want your pool to have when the sunsets? Adding lighting to your pool isn’t just practical; it can also enhance your pool’s ambiance. You can achieve the right feel by adding warm or cool LED lighting to your pool.

3. Built-in Pool Benches

Built-in pool benches are ideal for families that love to spend hours in the pool. These underwater benches allow you to sit along the side of the pool as you chat with family and friends and are great for new swimmers when they need a rest.

4. Tanning Ledge

If you love to soak up the sun, there is no better feature than a tanning ledge. It is a raised, shallow area where you can place outdoor furniture like lounge chairs. This attractive design allows you to keep your feet cool while relaxing in a comfortable chair in the sun or under an umbrella.

5. Lazy River

A lazy river is an excellent addition for couples or families who like to spend hours drifting in the pool in an inflatable. Another benefit of this attractive pool feature is that it allows you to place a gazebo or lounging area in the center of your pool.

6. Splash Pads

Splash pads can provide hours of fun for kids. On hot days when you don’t have time for a swim, it’s a pleasure to get your feet wet walking through a splash pad area. This feature is especially popular with families who have young kids. Your little ones can play in it endlessly without the risk of drowning.

7. Pencil Jets

Pencil jets are another fun water feature. The jets shoot arches of water over the pool. You can add LED lights to make the water show even more attractive. Pencil jets are both ornamental and fun. Many families create a game out of playing under the jets.

8. Water Slide

If you and your family are fans of water parks, consider adding a water slide to your pool! This feature may sound tacky, but there are many beautifully designed slides available, including a water slide that runs alongside a beautiful waterfall feature.

9. Grotto

residential pool with grotto, bartow fl

If you want your pool to feel like a natural water feature, there is no better addition than a grotto.
A grotto is a cave-like area, usually with water flowing over the front, that provides privacy to anyone inside. Couples and children alike love this pool feature.

10. Princess Deck

If you enjoy throwing pool parties or spending hours lounging by the water, a princess deck is a beautiful feature! It is a raised lounging area that directly overlooks the pool. It adds a new dimension to a backyard pool.

There is a wide range of attractive features that can make your backyard feel like a luxurious resort. These are just ten of the top pool features that you can choose from. If you want to see examples of these features or learn about more, give us a call! The pool experts on our team at PoolWorks love working with homeowners to make your vision a reality.


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