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7 Benefits of Swimming Pool Covers Even In Florida

Pool Cleaning Services In Lakeland, FLFlorida is recognized for having year-round weather suitable for swimming, but swimming pool covers are still needed. Anytime you know your pool won’t be in use, it makes sense to cover it. There are at least seven benefits of using swimming pool covers, even in Florida.

Less Evaporation

The purpose of the expensive chemicals in your pool is to keep the water clean. If your pool does not have a cover, the water will evaporate. Research shows that in parts of southern Florida, up to 0.25 inches of water evaporate daily. As a result, the chemicals also evaporate and more will be needed. Water, another expense, also needs to be added, unless it rains frequently. When you cover the pool, the process of evaporation is significantly reduced, which saves you money on chemicals and on your water bill.

Keep Out Debris

Your outdoor swimming pool is vulnerable to all kinds of debris entering the water, including leaves, limbs, and runoff from watering nearby plants. When debris enters the pool in large amounts, your pool filter has to work harder, which reduces the lifespan of the equipment. Debris can also clog pool pump impellers. With a pool cover, you can keep debris out.

Prevent Algae Growth

Some pool cover material, such as woven solid vinyl, will help to prevent algae growth in the pool. A pool cover that prevents rainwater and organic matter from getting in will also block out sunlight. Since sunlight is required for algae to bloom, algae growth is prevented by the pool cover.

Reduce Chemical Use and Operating Costs

Consumption of a pool’s chemicals is reduced by 35% to 60% when a pool cover is used. In addition, the operating costs of a swimming pool are reduced by up to 70% by using a pool cover.

Pool Supplies At Pool Woks In Lakeland, FLSave Energy

Heating and cleaning a swimming pool consume most of the energy used for a pool. Because there is less evaporation with a pool cover, there is also less fresh water that has to be added and heated. The cover also prevents the need to heat the pool continuously. There are different types of covers, and a benefit of using a solar swimming pool cover is that the energy from the sun is used to heat your pool, which can seriously cut operating costs.

Prevent Accidents

Not all types of swimming pool covers offer protection in the event a child or a small animal comes along. Preventing accidents is a serious responsibility for all pool owners.



If you want your pool cover to prevent accidents, be sure you buy the correct kind. For instance, there is no protection against someone falling into the water if you use a tarp or solar cover.

Reduce Set-up Time

When you are ready to take off the pool cover and use your pool, the prep time to get your pool ready for swimming will be much faster. If, for instance, the pool was uncovered, unused, and neglected for a long period of time, it could be days before it is cleaned up enough for safe swimming.

If you want reliable professionals to clean your pool and help ensure that the life of your pool equipment is extended due to proper care, contact the experts at Pool Works. We offer pool cleaning services as well as pool repairs, pool supplies, and pool renovations. Call us today at (863) 967-2863.

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