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The Benefits of Saltwater Pools in Florida’s Climate

Did you know that pools don’t always have to come along with the chlorine smells? There are also saltwater options that offer more benefits than you may have realized. In Florida’s year-round pleasant weather, it’s a great environment to enjoy a pool in your own backyard. If you’re considering installing a pool, read on to learn about some saltwater benefits you can enjoy.

salt water pool systems in lakeland flBenefits for Your Wellbeing

Less Irritation for Eyes & Skin

While chlorine provides ample benefits when it comes to keeping your water safe and sanitary, it also comes with some negatives. Not everyone is sensitive to chlorine, but it can irritate. But, with saltwater pools, less chlorine is needed to keep the water safe and clean. 

Great Exfoliation Properties

The salt in the water is a gentle exfoliant that can even help if they have the most sensitive skin. This exfoliation can assist with acne, psoriasis, and eczema. 

Promotes Healthy Breathing

Aside from being generally more pleasant smelling than chlorine pools, saltwater pools come with additional benefits. When people inhale salt particles, it thins mucus and makes for more pleasant breathing.

Helps Sore Joints & Muscles

Have you ever heard of people doing Epsom salt soaks? While it’s not exactly the same, swimming or soaking in saltwater pools can help alleviate pain in your joints or muscles due to age, excess physical activity, or strains. It can even help with arthritis! This is one of the largest benefits to people considering chlorine vs. saltwater pools.

Maintenance & Upkeep Benefits

Cost Effective

Just like with any pool installation, there are some upfront costs. However, beyond the installation of a saltwater generator, costs go down. Since chlorine pools require many chemicals and maintenance, it drives the cost up. There is still maintenance associated with saltwater pools, but it is limited in comparison. 

pool cleanings and services in auburndale FL

Less Maintenance

There is still a minimal amount of chlorine, but the salt cells regulate the water and chlorine levels. This makes it easier to ensure levels are correct in comparison to chlorine pools. However, there will still be annual draining, cleaning, and swapping of the pool filter.

Softer Water

Lastly, the salt in the water makes for a softer water compared to chlorine pools. This is especially true if your water source is known to be hard water.

Even if a saltwater pool isn’t for you, Team Pool Works Pool & Spa can assist with any chlorine pool maintenance as well.

In Need of Saltwater Pool Maintenance? 

Call Team Pool Works Pool & Spa for any assistance you may need with your pool – saltwater or not. We can help install any type of pool to ensure you’re enjoying your pool year-round. Our team of experts can help with any issue or need you encounter with your pool and steer you in the right direction if you’re unsure. Call Team Pool Works Pool & Spa at 863-967-2863 to get started today. 

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