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Why the Beginning of Spring is Perfect for Pool Construction

pool replastering and pool install in lakeland flOn hot, humid days there is nothing better than a private swimming pool. With a pool in your backyard, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of packing up your car with everything you need for a full day at the beach before heading to the water. You can jump in the water whenever you want. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to pack enough towels or sunscreen since you’ll be able to run inside to find whatever you need whenever you need it. The beginning of spring is an ideal time to have a pool installed.

Here in Florida, spring is the best time to have a pool installed because you will beat the rainy season and have it ready for summer.

Constructing a pool can take weeks to months depending on how large the pool is and how long the permitting process takes. Construction delays can make the process much longer. To prevent construction delays, it is a smart idea to pick a time of year when we have the least rain. March, April and May are ideal since the weather is warm enough for construction, but the rainy season hasn’t started yet.  If you wait until June, there is a greater chance that your construction will have weather delays.

If you start the construction process at the beginning of the spring, you will have the chance to enjoy your pool all summer long. What could be better than spending your summer weekends throwing pool parties and swimming in your backyard?

What to Expect During Pool Construction

There are 6 steps of the pool construction process: design, permitting, excavation, electrical and plumbing groundwork, pool installation and customization. The entire process can take from 6 weeks to 3 months.

Stage 1: Design

Developing the design for the pool is the first step. How long this process takes will depend on how many custom features you would like and how long it takes to analysis the site where you’d like your pool. It will usually take a week or two.

Stage 2: Permitting

How long the permitting process takes depends a lot on your municipality and how experienced your pool company is. If the pool contractor you are working with has experience working in your area and begins the process early, this process should go smoothly unless your municipality drags their heels.

Stage 3: Excavation

The quickest part of the process is excavation. Removing dirt where the pool will go usually takes a week or less. If there are utility lines in the way or problems accessing the area, it can take longer.

Stage 4: Electrical and Plumbing Groundwork

Laying the plumbing and electrical groundwork for a pool is incredibly important. This part of the process usually takes a couple of weeks especially if you are planning to have water features or custom lighting.

Stage 5: Pool Installation

pool pavers repair and pool installation in winter haven flHow long this part of the process takes depends on the type of pool surface you have chosen. If you are having a fiberglass pool or a pool liner installed, it may only take a week. If you are having a gunite pool installed, it will take at least two weeks. Be sure to have a conversation with your pool contractor about this before you choose what type of pool surface you would like so that you can be prepared.

Stage 6: Custom Features

Once the pool is in place, the custom features you’ve chosen will be installed. Everything from custom lighting and waterfalls to landscaping or a deck can be included in this process. How long this stage last depends on how much custom work you’ve planned.

When you’re ready to upgrade your home with a private pool, keep this timeline in mind. Be sure to avoid Florida’s rainiest season when you schedule your pool’s construction!

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