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4 Ways You Can Avoid Pool Damage & Repairs

pool cleaning and testing in winter haven flThere is nothing better than a private pool especially here in Florida. But, taking care of pool repairs and damage can make owning a pool feel like a burden. You can extend the life of your pool liner and equipment by maintaining your pool throughout the year. With a little extra care, you can prevent the most common pool repairs.

Here are the top 4 ways you can prevent pool damage and repairs:

1. Keep the Water Balanced

Any pool liner will eventually wear out, but yours will last much longer if you keep the water balanced and maintain the right chemical levels. Water with a low pH or too much chlorine will harm the pool liner. Take the time to learn about your pool liner to find out if it has any special needs: for example, plaster pools need the right carbonate and calcium levels along with the right pH and chlorine. Test and correct your pool’s water at least once a week to preserve the health of your liner. It is a good practice to add one pool chemical in at a time, letting each one circulates before adding another.

2. Leave Sharp Objects Out of the Pool

Sharp objects can easily damage the pool liner. The best way to prevent scratches and scrapes is to keeping sharp objects out of the pool altogether. If you have a pool ladder, make sure it is secured to the side of the pool so that it cannot move around. A ladder that shifts around can hurt the liner.

3. Take Care of the Pump and Filter

The pump and filter have important jobs. They ensure that the water circulates enough to stay clean and balanced. If either one fails, the pool water could become unsafe to swim in. Make sure to clean your water filter regularly (how frequently depends on the type of filter you have). Also, keep an eye on your pump. Make sure that it never runs dry.

Be sure to clean out the filter and skimmer baskets after letting your pets take a dip or after a heavy rainstorm. Neglecting to care for your pump can allow the impeller to become clogged or cause more severe damage.

winter haven fl pool cleaning and pool service4. Regularly Clean Your Pool

Letting dirt and debris settle on the bottom of your pool can stain the liner. If you want to prevent ugly stains, make sure to regularly brush or vacuum the pool floor. Removing dirt and debris quickly will help to keep your pool looking beautiful. An automatic pool vacuum is a great investment to help you keep your pool free of debris.

Give us a call at Pool Works if you need help maintaining your pool or need repairs! We serve residents throughout the Lakeland, FL area.

If you have more questions about pool maintenance, check out our other blog posts! You can also ask us in person. We have more than 30 years of experience remodeling, repairing and cleaning pools. We are happy to share our knowledge.

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