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Pool Inspection

great quality pool inspections in lakeland fl & hillsborough county

Pool Works provides pool inspections for homeowners, realtors, and home inspectors in Lakeland FL, and throughout Polk County FL.

Pool Works routinely provides the professional, independent swimming pool inspections needed in connection with real estate transactions. We are trusted by real estate agents, homeowners, and general home inspectors in Lakeland FL, and Polk County FL for expert pool inspections.

It’s important that a pool inspection be conducted by an un-biased professional, so that the top-to-bottom evaluation of the pool and all related components is accurate and trustworthy. The goal in a pool inspection is to give homebuyers and sellers an accurate report on true the condition of all aspects of a pool.

Pool Works technicians are concerned only with ensuring that a pool is safe, operates precisely as it should, and is in compliance with local codes. Future homeowners gain assurance that their pool won’t be a money trap. Thanks to our stellar reputation, homeowners in Lakeland FL are confident that there isn’t an upsell that provides pressure to do pool repair work that is actually unnecessary.

About pool inspections

Every pool inspection done by Pool Works includes a detailed report that describes the inspection findings. All approved parties involved in a real estate sale are provided with the report, which details information about any maintenance, repairs, or upgrades that are recommended for consideration. Comprehensive inspections include carefully examining and checking the following and more:

  • The pool heater
  • The swimming pool finish or liner
  • Foundation
  • Cleaning systems
  • Attached spas
  • Pool water condition
  • Pool surface
  • Pool lights
  • Electrical components of the pool
  • The filter
  • Pump
  • All pool plumbing
  • Gates and fences around the pool
  • Decking
  • Coping

The following are examples of the types of issues that may be reported in a pool and spa inspection report:

  • Broken or sharp-edged tiles
  • Loose handrails or ladders
  • A broken, unsecured, or missing drain cover, also known as a suction outlet
  • Missing skimmer cover on deck
  • Missing or inoperable disinfection equipment
  • Inoperable or missing pump equipment or recirculation filter
  • The entrapment safety feature isn’t functioning as designed

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Trusted pool inspections from Pool Works

Pools are a top home amenity in Florida, providing countless hours of relaxation and entertainment on warm summer days and exercise year around. Families can be strengthened and friendships renewed at gatherings in and around the pool. Among the unmistakable benefits of routinely swimming in a pool are improved health, better sleep, a strengthened core, and the opportunity to stay in shape while being gentle on the joints.

For all of these advantages to be enjoyed, a pool needs to be in good condition. Thanks to our professional pool inspection services, a prospective home buyer can avoid the hassles involving with buying a home with a pool that needs major repairs. We also provide peace of mind to homeowners because they know they can trust Pool Works technicians to provide an honest inspection report.

Contact Pool Works for professional pool inspections

For decades, homeowners and business owners in Lakeland FL,and throughout Polk County have relied on Pool Works to provide dependable pool inspections. Our technicians are licensed, receive ongoing training, and have the expertise to provide unsurpassed pool inspections of pools and spas. Contact us today for an expert pool and spa inspection, whether you are a homeowner, realtor, or general home inspector. We are familiar with the urgency of timing that often accompanies a request for a pool inspection. For that reason, we always try to leave room in our weekly schedule for last-minute inspections.


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