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Leak Detection In Swimming Pools

leak detection pool experts in lakeland fl Pool Works provides leak detection services to residential and commercial pool owners in Lakeland FL, and Polk County. There are many potential causes of pool leaks. Our skilled technicians have the training and equipment to use technologically advanced, non-invasive methods to locate the source of hidden pool and spa leaks.

Is your pool losing water? Although it’s normal for some water to be evaporated, it’s possible you have a pool leak. Our Pool Works technicians have the training and qualifications to identify the source of a leak and fix the problem. Many homeowners and business owners in Lakeland FL, and Polk County rely on us for leak detection and pool and spa repairs. Our proven, technologically advanced techniques can save resources, time, and money.

Pool and Spa Evaporation or Leakage?

A certain amount of evaporation naturally occurs in pools and spas in Florida. As a result, your pool’s water level can vary from day to day. Humidity, wind, and other environmental factors can cause as much as a quarter of an inch of water to evaporate daily and about 2 inches per week.

When water is retained properly, the pool chemicals are more easily maintained at the proper balance. If you seem to be losing water in your pool or spa at a faster rate than normal, you could have a pool leak. Each time the pool is refreshed with additional water, the chemicals become diluted and out of balance. Contact Pool Works for expert leak detection in Lakeland FL. The sooner you act, the better. Saving water will reduce the cost of maintenance, including the additional chemicals required when fresh water is being added more than usual.

The Bucket Test

Not certain you have a pool leak, but you suspect that you do? The first thing you can try that will give you a sure answer is the Bucket Test. Here are the steps to perform the Bucket Test:

  • Put pool water in a 5-gallon bucket, up to about 2” from the top.
  • Bring the pool water to normal level.
  • Set the bucket on one of the pool steps. Just be sure the bucket is immersed in the pool at least 5 inches deep.
  • Mark the level of the water inside the bucket.
  • Turn off the auto fill and the pool pump and then mark the level of the pool water on the outside of the bucket.
  • Turn the normal pool pump operation back on.

After 24 to 48 hours maximum, compare the water level in the bucket with the water level in the pool. If the pool water, as indicated by the outside mark on the bucket, went down more than the water level inside the bucket, your pool has a leak. If the levels inside and outside of the bucket are basically the same, any water loss detected was caused by evaporation.

Signs of a pool or spa leak

The following are signs that you probably have a pool leak in your Lakeland FL pool or spa:

  • There are visible cracks in the structure.
  • Air is in the pool system.
  • The amount of water lost in the pool is greater than what is lost in regular evaporation.
  • Equipment loses prime.
  • There are wet, soggy spots around the pool.
  • The pool deck is lifting or sinking.
  • You are finding it necessary to add water to the pool or spa more than once weekly.

Contact Pool Works for leak detectionproper leak detection by pool pros in lakeland fl

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at Pool Works if there are signs that your pool or spa is leaking. Our technicians are trained, and they have skills, equipment, and experience to identify the source of the leak so that it can be repaired without delay. For decades, homeowners and business owners in Lakeland FL, and Polk County have trusted Pool Works for leak detection as well as all of their needs related to pool and spa cleaning, maintenance, and repair.

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